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  1. Good to know. Comfort is important to me in a shoulder bag. I carry satchels most of the time but when I do carry a shoulder bag it's generally I time I expect to be "hands free" and if it's strap slips or it's rough on the shoulder it generally doesn't end up working out for me.
  2. I had a mini nikki and now I have a regular nikki. The reason I sold my mini was because of the leather itself. It was stiffer and didin't slouch well, which made it uncomfortable to carry. I'm not sure if all minis are that way or just he leather on the one I had. It was a nice size though. Probably holds a little bit less than a MAM, but I never fill my MAMs so it worked out for me size wise.

    The nikki I have is really smooshy, so it doesn't always look as big as it is. I do like to put a purse organizer in it though or I would never find anything. If the Nikki came in the MN in the leather I have, I probably would've tried it, but I don't absolutely love huge bags. I have a mini Rikki, which is the same size as the mini nikki and it has more slouchy leather and is great. So I think it really depends on the leather.

    Full size Nikki pic. I'm 5'7


    Mini Nikki - see how this leather looks stiffer.


    Mini Rikki is the same size, but this one has much better leather. I think the trick is to figure out which size you love more and then seach for a good leather.

  3. Sorry for the dumb question I'm about to ask. I am considering a Nikki (haven't been interested in one til now)... is it a zipper closure or snap? TIA!
  4. You are so right, definitely a big difference in the leathers. The slouch on the reg. Nikki is TDF...I think I know which way I am going with this! Thank you for taking the time to post pics, I appreciate it :biggrin:

    It has a snap closure :smile:
  5. sandc - Did you add an additional strap to your Rikki? That's a great idea! :tup:
  6. Yes I did and I love it! I really wish the original strap was adjustable, but since it isn't, I got a shorter one for it. Makes it much more functional.
  7. hey girl! here's me with my wine nikki (i've since sold her.... DOH!!! soooo regret that decision!!) - i'm only 5'1" and it doesn't feel overwhelming for me since it drapes and hugs the body so well! i haven't tried on a mini nikki yet and was really tempted to get one cause sometimes i feel like the nikki is more space than i need, but it's offset by how awesome she hugs u!! :p i'm actually waiting on a nikki in transit... she should be here tomorrow! :woot: - i'll share more pics then!
    wine3.jpg wine2.jpg
  8. Nikki in transit! Congratulations! Which one?? :biggrin:
  9. Yes, yes, please tell! I too have a Nikki in transit :biggrin:
  10. Yay! So glad you decided to go with the regular Nikki! Details, details!!! What color did you get? Can't wait to see pics - congrats!
  11. Hey red! It's been awhile!!! I'm waiting for a mystery color Nikki - ill share this evening after work!
  12. Hahaha you are too funny! You got yourself a deal :p
  13. as promised! ;)
    IMG_0010.jpg IMG_0020.jpg IMG_0027.jpg IMG_0024.jpg IMG_0025.jpg