Nikki Arrived...damaged?

  1. I was so excited to see the Amazon box just get dropped off. I could live with the scratch on the front but what do you make of this mark on the back?

    It's darker IRL than it is showing up on my camera and I put a finger next to it to show size.

    Any input would be appreciated :biggrin:
    image-4004290563.jpg image-1220109798.jpg image-2221767117.jpg
  2. First off, that color is amazing!

    That's a pretty sizable mark - I know there can be color/texture variations, but I'm not sure that's what this is or if it's an actual stain of some sort.

    I do know that if it's bothering you now, it will likely continue to irk you every time you carry it. Was this the last one that they had? May be worthwhile to see if you have an option to exchange - especially if you paid full price for it.

    Aside from that you love the bag? For me, I'm not sure it would bother me that much since it's on the back of the bag. Do you have a pic of the full bag, to get some perspective on how it looks overall, i.e., if it stands out a lot on the whole?
  3. I don't believe it was the last one, I wanted to see what you ladies thought before I did anything through Amazon. If the bag was pre-loved it prob. wouldn't bother me at all, I just worry like you said that this silly mark is all I am going to see when I look at the bag. Let me add more pics, I have to admit I didn't notice it at first, I think I really only looked at the front before unwrapping the hardware.
  4. The first pic is in a room with more natural light, second in a bright artificially lit room
    image-3546789365.jpg image-964447390.jpg
  5. It seems like the more I am handling it, it is spreading...odd
    image-4275497033.jpg image-175301438.jpg
  6. i would be unhappy with those marks. it looks more damaged than natural textures in the leather.
  7. That would bother me. I'm not sure about the blood red leather, so I don't know what the natural variations would be. I know it is a little more distressed than others, but that mark is kinda big. Do you love it otherwise? If you do, I would exchange. If not, I would return and look for a different Nikki.
  8. Thank you for posting, that is how I am feeling and now since it appears to be spreading I'm concerned it's something oil based and not natural at all.
  9. I do love the bag and color other than that mark. I'm going to give Amazon a call and see if an exchange would be possible. It's too pretty of a bag to start its life out already flawed! :biggrin:
  10. I would contact amazon, they are great about returns/exchanges.
  11. Yeah - the fact that it's spreading indicates that's not a natural variation - it almost looks like ink or something.

    Hopefully, Amazon can get you squared away with an exchange - it's a gorgeous red!
  12. Ok so sadly I am just plain returning for a refund. Amazon is all out of the blood red :sad: what a bummer. Thanks for all your help everyone I really appreciate it!
  13. I'm so sorry! Well, RM has so many fabulous colors that I'm sure you'll find another amazing Nikki you'll love without a single flaw in no time!