Nike Tempo Shorts on Sale?

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  1. Does anybody know where I can buy women's nike dri-fit tempo shorts on sale in XS? Color does not really matter, but I would like for the shorts to be under 20 dollars, preferably 15ish. Thanks!!
  2. I got mine at a Nike outlet...I think they were $17 after tax.

    It seemed like something they normally carried (lots of colors, sizes, etc).
  3. Try the clearance section of big department stores- macys, nordstroms and get on the nike store mailing list because their friends and family discount was really good the last time i got it.
  4. when is the friends and family discount? and how much was it? and are there any current codes now?

  5. i swear by ross, yess ross for work out clothes!! They have tons of these shorts (and matching tops lol!) for $7.99!!!

    tjmaxx has cuter colors and they are like 12.99!!! love it!
  6. These are my favorite shorts for working out. I stalk TJM, Marshalls, and NR. I just saw a pair at TJM for $14.99. I also found a lot at the Nike outlet. They had tons of colors. Last time I went, there was a huge sale. I probably bought 10 pairs. The price ranged from $9 to $20 depending on the color.
  7. Nike outlet usually has them, also ebay.
  8. Did you try the sale/clearance section on That's where I usually have the best luck getting stuff.
  9. are there any coupon codes? thanks
  10. has them on sale for $17.80 now.