nike+ running system: anyone use it?

  1. hubby told me about this a couple weeks ago and i was like "meh, another gadget"....but then i saw a display at Nordies yesterday and it is COOL.

    it's a system that works with your nano as a pedometer, running log, heart rate system, i don't even know what else. hehe. i'm not a very hardcore runner (very much a run/walker) but i don't know, it seems like a very fun way to keep track of things without having to run on a treadmill.

    anyone use it currently? love it? hate it?

    the only con i can see right now is having to use the nike shoes for it to work. i :heart: my brooks shoes.
  2. I'm a runner and Nikes are horrible for me to run in, therefore, I wouldn't waste my money. Nike is really trying to capitalize on the ipod's popularity. Before I'd buy one, I'd wait for the reviews to come out as pedometers in general aren't that reliable and the reading on your ipod is only going to be as good as the sensor Nike put in those shoes.
  3. I found this about the Nike+running system. I think it's a cool idea, but to me it seems like a way to get more people to buy Nikes and Nanos.
  4. I usually just run on a tredmil OR google map my start and end location. There is a way that you can use the new gadget without buying the shoes. I think it was cutting a small hole in your shoe then putting the cushion thing back over it...something like that