Nighttime Diapers vs. Regular Diapers

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  1. Are they really different? Do I really need to put my baby in nighttime diapers? They are quite a bit more than regular diapers...about twice the price! What do you think?
  2. We never used nighttime diapers :smile:
  3. I got 5 free ones and tried them and I noticed no difference in nighttime diapers v. regular diapers. I never bought any.
  4. I had one small package of nighttime diapers and did not see a difference.
  5. My baby uses them, and it's made a huge difference for us. He sleeps about 1 more hour in the nighttime diaper vs regular. When we are out and have to resort to a regular diaper, he invariably wakes up at 6 (he normally wakes up at around 7) with a soaked diaper that wet his onesie also. That doesn't happen when we use a nighttime one. I like the pampers extra protection - used huggies nighttime once and that didn't work very well. So I'd recommend that you stay away from that brand!You only use 1 diaper a day, and I bought a box from target that's been lasting for more than 2 months. I think the box had 80+ diapers, for about 20 bucks.
  6. I never used nighttime diapers either. I did have a small pack of diapers that were one size larger than the usual size my children wore (ex. if they wore a size 4, I would also buy size 5). I used the larger size as a night diaper and just put it on a bit tighter. It worked really well and I never had any of my kids soak through their diaper. My SIL and a few friends also tried this and it worked well for them too.
  7. We use overnight diapers. DS has been using overnight diapers since he turned 14 months. Before that, he leaked with regular diapers, we've tried larger size (2 size up) and tried different brand. Nothing worked. We had to fork out the extra $ for overnights.

    My hypothesis is that the overnight diapers absorb faster than regular diapers. DS likes to hold it until he can't hold it anymore.

    I agree, DS sleeps longer with over night diapers.
  8. I just make sure I use my stock of Pampers DryMax overnight. During the day I'll use any other brand I may have bought.
  9. We use them and have been for months. My daughter drinks a lot of water during the day. Maybe that's why it works for us?
  10. For me those are the only thing that works for my son. Going up a size didn't make much of a difference. I think it totally depends a lot on your child. DS drinks more in the afternoon than morning so I think it helps.
  11. I don't think anyone needs to use them if their child doesn't soak through a regular diaper at night. Nighttime diapers made a huge difference for us in terms of not having to change sheets every morning and in not having a child wake early due to wetness in the clothes or sheets. But given the cost, had we been able to make regular diapers work, we definitely would have.

    We even used Goodnights for a while for our children after they were day-trained. My first stayed dry through the night as soon as he was dry during the day, but my other two still needed nighttime protection for a while after they were day trained.
  12. We use Huggies overnight. Before that my son was leaking through his diaper every night (we even tried going a size larger). They work for us!
  13. Us too. Keeps bebefish dryer, longer ... and sleeping!
  14. Me 3. Once in a blue moon DD and DS will still leak through, but not often. Worth every penny IMO. DD and DS sleep 10-12 hours at night.
  15. I've been thinking of trying night time diapers here as well, because DD will occasionally leak through her regular diaper at night. It seems that after she was a year old or so, she was filling her diaper more at night.