** Nightshade's NEW LOOT! **

  1. I recently posted a thread asking about whether I should keep or exchange my metallic black 227 reissue for a black jumbo classic flap, and well up till today I thought i'd finally decided that i'd be exchanging the metallic black reissue for the jumbo.............. BUT just as i was packing the bag away to send it back to the Chanel store, i decided to look at it one last time, and OH NO, i think i've fallen back in love with it!!! :sweatdrop: So i'm going to sleep on it tonight and see if exchanging it really is the best thing to do. Anyhow, just wanted to share some pics of it! Hope you lovely ladies are tired of seeing these reissues by now :shame:

    because i know there've been quite a few questions about how the reissue looks when worn differently (particularly messenger style), i took a few pics of the various ways i'd possibly wear it

    And i also received a black GST with silver hw today!!! This was a surprise gift from some of my friends, i was just so touched! Its pre-loved/vintage and has been quite well used, its no longer "boxy" and "stiff", which some people may not like, but i really like how it looks now because i've never been a huge fan of very boxy looking bags. They paid around US$1390 for it, which isn't necessarily the best price for such a well-used bag, but in the grand scheme of things (i.e. impending price increases), i think they did quite well! Even though the GST has never really been a dream bag of mine, this particular one will be especially meaningful to me because of the effort my friends made to get me this :love:

    Without further ado, here are pics of the GST:
    the GST and the metallic black 227 reissue together
    some pics of me and the GST (its smaller than i expected!)

    As always, thanks for letting me share, everyone!
  2. Oh my, I am so green with envy...love them both, esp. the reissue! Congrats and enjoy nightshade!:tup:
  3. You have great friends! :tender: Love your bags. Thanks for posting pics.
  4. Very pretty reissue~ I like it how it's more subtle than say- gold but it's still very nice! What a bunch of nice friends you have too! I wish my friends would chip in to buy me a Chanel :p heeehee~~
  5. Hey Nightshade,

    I am actually in a dilemma as well. I finally got called for the Black Reissue but have a difficult time deciding whether to keep it or return it for the Les Marais flap in gold as I really like the leather and it's a little smaller than the jumbo.

    I already have a black Jumbo in caviar. So I wasn't sure what to do.

    Now that I have seen close up pictures of your Reissue and I think I will have a tough time deciding. Let me know what you decide and what contributed to your end result.

    It would be nice to share.

    OH congrats to your GST!!!!!! I have one toooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Aw, you have wonderful friends!

    Congrats on your GST and keep us posted if you're gonna keep your reissue or not.
  7. Wow! What a great friend!

    That reissue looks fantastic on you! I love your outfit too. I wish I could wear skinny jeans. They look so dumb on me. :sad:
  8. awwwwww your friends are the SWEETEST!!!!!!! it's the thought that counts and wow, that is some good thinking! your friends should train my friends, haha!

    and i love BOTH bags on you! simply gorgeous!
  9. Lovely haul!!!!I love how smooshy the GST is~you're so lucky!!! I wish my friends would get me a Chanel....Lol!!!
  10. luvin the black reissue!!
  11. congrat! great bags :smile:

    love BOTH bags and your shoes!
  12. What fantastic friends! They're definitely keepers :yes:

    You're really rocking the reissue....I think it looks great on you! And I think it's definitely a classic piece that you can carry off for a long time to come.

    Loving the smooshy GST too. And I missisa's comment on the skinny jeans! :biggrin:
  13. I LOVE the GST and the reissue on you girl!!! Have you decided whether to keep it or return it yet??
  14. the black metallic reissue looks fab on you... :love:

    and your friends are so sweet!

    Congrats on your new loot!!!
  15. thanks loveone7!!! isn't it terrible, being in a dilemma over all these gorgeous bags? my problem lies in the fact that i LOVE BOTH the reissue and the jumbo EQUALLY, so the thought of having to give one up to get another (and vice versa) is really "breaking my heart" lol!

    good luck with your decision too! if u feel that the reissue is too similar to the jumbo, then get the les marais flap! but if u have a chance, go see the reissue IRL before making up your mind :yes: