Nightshade blue color question

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Does the nightshade blue color look different in different leathers? My friend is thinking about buying the sbs in nightshade blue so we were looking at pictures of it online and it looks almost black? Whereas i think i remember nightshade in the soft matte (tillie) looking bluer. Does the nightshade in pebbled matte look blacker? Does soft matte looks almost black sometimes also?

    If anyone could post pictures of them in similar lighting (or truest color irl) that'd be great! Thanks
  2. I would say my Sbs in nightshade is almost black when I'm indoors but outside she is very dark navy, darkblue but more blueish than black. But its a nice darker nayvblue if you understand, not like the blueblue nayvblue if you understand me. I'n not at home right now so I cant take a photo of my sbs right now.
  3. I found this photo in my phone if it can perhaps be of some small help.
    In the back row there is a sbs in black mini-croc pattern and in front of it is my sbs in nightshade. And in the front row there is a oak beltbag so you can see the difference in color. Hope it can be of some help. :smile:
  4. Thanks! I'm confused now too bc I just got the tillie in nightshade but I picked it up and then left for a trip so I really haven't seen it too much. I usually wear a lot of black and thought it would be ok to wear together but after seeing this sbs, I'm wondering if the color diff will be too subtle between my blacks and blue and clash?
  5. Awesome - Thank you! I think I commented on what a classic collection you have in one of the other threads! There's definitely a difference between the black and nightshade.. Lovely. I feel like this is darker navy blue and has less purplish undertones than the tillie. Do you wear nightshade sbs with black?
  6. Well I can't really help you there, I just got mine sbs in nightshade some time ago and has only used her a few times, and I also bought her without seeing her irl so I too thought it was a bit more blackish tone. But I kept her because the leather is TDF and the color is really really nice even if it was a bit more blue than I thought at first and it really does look great with blue jeans. I also wear a lot of black and I'm still a bit unsure even if my daugher and my friends say it looks very nice together with black. But I'm always unsure about black and blue together, but this one has a very nice tone in the color.
    But I have also seen other bags in Nightshade in the bayswater thread that looked a bit more black so perhaps mine is just one that is a bit more blue than the others, I guess the color can slightly differ on bags too. I'm not so sure I'm helping you much...:smile:Hopefully someone else that has one can help a bit more.
  7. Hi here's a picture of mine on a black kitchen chair indoors, then one outside with my black leather Filofax.
    As you can see its very very dark, with the sun on it, you can see bluer stitching. In my opinion , it's the most versatile bag I have to be paired with black or navy ( how's tat really possible?? But it is!)
    I'd recommend highly! Love mine!


  8. Yep I would agree with Beaver - it is a very, very dark blue - almost a tonal shade of black if there is such a thing??......:smile:
  9. Such a great colour.
  10. I have the nightshade alexa silky snake and the nightshade heritage sbs. I would say the the Alexa is definitely lighter in colour than the heritage sbs. Both are such a beautiful blue though - very dark navy and nearly black. I agree that they are very versatile. I wear them with everything. I hope that helps. I love the colour!!! :biggrin:
  11. Thanks everyone for your replies!

    Beaver, your bag is gorgeous, so lucky! The color looks almost black but not quite as harsh, perfect!

    I'm wondering now why and how I never noticed the sbs or bays in nightshade before? I was so obsessed with getting the lily then tillie. After seeing everyones bags in this thread, I'm kind of regretting the tillie now! Sigh. My friend is very close to buying the sbs!!

    How are ink blue, midnight and nightshade different?