1. I've been having terrible nightmares lately (loved ones dying, monsters, etc). I used to get them once in a great while, but I've had at least 5 in the last few weeks. It's making me not want to go to bed. :crybaby:

    Has anyone else had this problem? I've been pretty stressed out lately... er, really stressed out. Major job/financial issues, school issues (figuring out where I'm going and what I'm doing.. finding out I missed some deadlines... being unsure of what I want to pursue), boyfriend issues (looks like we're going to be doing this long distance HELL for another year... major sigh). Do you think stress could be the cause of this?

    Any suggestions on how to make them stop?
  2. Hey Emily, it definitely sounds like stress dreams. I get them too. A few weeks ago I had a dream that someone shot me in the head! No joke! The only suggestion that I have is to make sure you relax before bed and definitely make sure you're getting enough sleep. Also, if you're worried about things, keep a journal. Sometimes writing things down allows you to "purge" them from your head before you go to sleep. Good luck!
  3. Wow! I haven't had a nightmare since I was a kid, and even then I didn't have many of them.

    Try and relax before going to bed, by taking a bath or a warm shower...or by drinking a cup of tea or maybe some hot cocoa.
  4. I have more nightmares when I'm stressed out or going through a hard time. Mine shake me up so so badly, sometimes I lay awake trembling for a long time. They sure don't help when you're struggling through life when you're awake! So you have my sympathy.
  5. I have them all the time.... Monsters, vampires, aliens.... I actually find them quite entertaining, I call them my "action-adventure" dreams. :p
  6. Sorry to hear you're having such a problem with them. I used to get a few as a kid, and then they went away as I got older. This last year though I have had a couple and they can be really unsettling, so I know what you're going through.

    I'm convinced it's a stress thing, and also if I've read anything particularly disturbing in the papers or seen anything on the news, I think that triggers them, even if it didn't upset me at the time.
  7. I had one a week after the Virginia Tech tragedy. I dreamed he was coming and warned everybody and locked doors. Well, he forgot about going after everyone else and came after me. Everywhere I went, everywhere I ran, I could see him coming after me.

    {Although, to me fair, just after I saw the movie Scream, I had the same dream. Everywhere I turned I couldn't get rid of him.}

    For me, if something really scares or disturbs me, I'll dream about it. Luckily, both times, I would wake up before my persuer caught me.
  8. i get nightmares ALL the time. they're deeply unsettling as i'm sure you know. most of the time they're triggered by stress....but sometimes they just happen. i keep a dream journal and that tends to help. reminding myself that it's my brain's protection mechinism helps....i'm just purging stress/ideas i can't deal with yet. also, if i can make myself realize it's a dream while i'm dreaming (without waking up), sometimes i can change what's happening. it takes practice (it's taken me years to get good at it) but it helps. hopefully you don't have years of nightmares to practice with...
  9. Well they say your dreams are your minds way or sorting out what has happened in the day. If you are experiencing lots of stress it makes sense that your mind is trying to cope with it. Do something to relax during the day. Have a bubble bath, put some pot pourri around the room for a nice scent, take 15 mins each day if you can to relieve things.

    I understand, nightmares are so distressing. Even my normal dreams are stressful to me, I never have those silly nice ones where I'm flying over a beautiful flower garden and being proposed to by a hot model. I believe that the nightmares will decrease with a decrease in your stress levels.
  10. I get ones when I'm stressed and they're very disturbing, no matter what the content is! The posters made some good suggestions, but do you workout? Exercise helps with stress, and so does yoga or meditation.
  11. Thanks for your suggestions, guys.

    Yeah... I've had some "entertaining" scary ones (ala aliens) but lately they've been horrible. My BF stabbing me and shooting me (WTF?!), my family being possessed by demons (WTF?!)... you get the idea.

    Luckily - no dreams last night! :biggrin: I'll def. try your suggestions and its very nice to know I'm not alone in this problem.
  12. You're definitely not alone! I have awful dreams a lot of the time - I frequently wake up convinced there is someone in my room & I leap to turn the light on and check my closet. I also wake up thinking I've got spiders crawling on me, or that someone is breaking in downstairs. I scream, kick, lash out, shout to my housemates, sit bolt upright, throw things and just this morning my housemate found me in my pyjamas having a cold shower at 6am..... It drives me bonkers!
  13. sorry for your stress - yep, i am a total nightmare person when I am stressed, I also sleep like 10 hours but still feel so exhausted (I usually last nicely on 6 to 8). my body just shuts down (or I eat like crazy....)

    anyway, there are many ways to find out you are stressed and I reckon your dreams are a way to let it all out. what worked for me is to tackle on issue at a time. especially in last weeks before submitting my thesis I thought the world would crash down but in the end it all worked out. I totally understand on the long distance thing - hubby and I have been long-distance for one year now (not easy with a baby...) and it is hard.

    this is what I do to relax: just put off all the worries - one thing at a time I tell myself. then I take on what I can deal with first - say your job or missed deadlines. the more proactive you get, the less stress you will have in my experience bec at least it feels like you have control again.

    all the best and good sleep!
  14. emily i have nightmares too and have to get up, walk around and splash water on my face because either the dreams seemed too real or too scary. when the kids were younger i had nightmares about them falling into a pool so had them take years of swimming lessons all the way up to 'flying fish' status lol.
    then the nightmares were about someone breaking into our house in the middle of the night so we put up alarm system with beam detection...
    now my nightmares are about my teeth falling out and going to work completely naked. now that's more of a nightmare for others if that happened lol.
  15. lol mb... as usual you have made me smile :smile:

    edit: ah, going to work naked doesn't seem that bad - you're a pretty hot mama!!!