1. For the past few weeks, when my kitty is sleeping, she makes a growling noise and "twitches"(her tail, ears, paws.) Once when she was doing this, I touched her and she woke up abruptly and hissed at me! No changes have taken place at all in her lifestyle, so I don't know what is causing the nightmares if that's what this is. It's worrying me, poor kitty. Do cats have nightmares? If so, what do I do, I don't want her being scared.
  2. I think animals dream. I don't have a cat but I have two chi's and I think they dream. I don't think that you can do anything. I think that it is just something that happens like when you dream.
  3. Yup, I have read that cats do dream, and their dreams are usually about future or past "attacks"(in her case, her cat toys.) It is just scary to hear her growling and twitching when she is asleep.
  4. One of my cats makes noises in his sleep and his mouth twitches. He never woke up and hissed at me, though, but I figure he must be dreaming about something.
  5. Thanks, Caitlin!
    At least my kitty isn't the only one who does this!
    When she flexes(I think that's the word) her paws when she's sleeping, it seems like she is dreaming about her catching something. hehe.
  6. Aw poor kitty. Yeah, i agree, i think they can dream as well (i learned about that in school).

    I'm sure it will pass. Maybe give her space when she wakes up until she fully wakes up and realizes she was dreaming. I dont know.

    But I just think it is so sweet that you are concerned and care. :love: I hate it when people regard their pets as "just animals" when they have the same feelings as humans!
  7. Of course animals dream! When they get into REM sleep they dream just like we do. And often they will make funny noises or their paws will move or something.
  8. That's cute! I could never understand how people don't think of their pets as family, I consider her my daughter. hehe. What really gets me is when people say animals don't have souls.:cursing: I don't know how someone can honestly believe that. And, as you said, they do have the same feelings as humans, and they way they cry when you leave or when they come up to you and purr and smile at you, that proves it.
  9. I always knew animals dream, but I never knew they had nightmares, it's so sad. I wonder if animals bark or meow in their sleep? Like sleep talking. hehe. There was this one advertisement that shows up a lot in Cat Fancy for Friskies I believe, and it shows a cat sleeping and dreaming about different animals, like a fish with a cow body. I'll try to find it, it's so cute!
    P.S. Irishgal, I have always loved your daschaunds(sp?) in your avatar. So cute!
  10. Aww! my pup does this! He starts to makes weird squeaking noises and when he's laying on his side he starts twitching his legs like he's RUNNING!! haha and when I try to wake him up, he growls and bites until he realizes who I am!! Poor thing! And he NEVER bites!
  11. I have a couple of twitchers here going full tilt! One just kicked me...
  12. It is so cute when they dream. My husband always wakes our Chi up. I let sleep and dream away.
  13. Our cat purrs very loudly sometimes when he is sleeping and other times he will twitch and meow as he sleeps....his meowing while sleeping is a little strange. lol.
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao: