1. I woke up a bit ago terrified.
    I had this very vivid dream/nightmare that I was in a hotel lobby and searching for my Carly.
    I was only holding my small cosmetic case and started to freak out because I couldn't find my keys or my Carly. I was with my eldest daughter and noticed that she was carrying a "Goach" bag:nuts: , and in my dream I thought to myself, "We have to do something about that thing she is carrying".
    Anywho, I finally found my Hamptons sig checkbook on the hotel lobby floor opened and completely empty.
    It was cleaned out. All cash and plastic were gone.
    My Carly was gone as well. For some reason I must have left it on one of the hotel end tables to search for something and appartenly I left the bag there and walked off.
    The hotel was deserted.....I felt helpless.
    My parents are in town and staying at a hotel.:wtf:
    I'm going to make sure I cling to my bag when I go pick them up in a bit.:yes:
    Has anyone ever had a Coach related dream that felt so real that they lingered on it for hours?
    This dream really upset me.:sad:
  2. <patting hand> It's okay... it was just a bad dream..... go get an ice cream. ;)

    Seriously tho...I'm sorry about your bad dream. =( I hate stuff like that.....
  3. oh wow..its ok, its only a dream..thank goodness

  4. this comment made me LOL!! hehe.
  5. Wow, i don't think I've ever dreamed about Coach before. Luckily it was just a dream.
  6. wow that s a horrible dream!!