Nightmare to Forget

  1. Yesterday morning I woke up to a terrible nightmare. I dreamt I was at the Chevy Chase boutique and was trying to buy something. To my horror, I could not communicate with the Sales Associates so they were looking at me wondering why I was even there. They kept asking me what I wanted and I vaguely remember them showing me a monogram denim item but I could not respond. It was awful!!! I woke up with the alarm going off feeling miserable and confused. Luckily, I went there yesterday and got myself the Damier Macau and stayed away from the denim collection.:smile:
  2. haha wow..its ok, its only a dream!
  3. maybe its a sign of things to come :graucho:

    btw, nice to see another Flip in the forum. we're growing in number :tup:
  4. I hate dreams where I can't speak. lol. I had a dream once where someone stole my bag and it was replaced by another bag with Chinese characters all over it instead of Monogram. So weird.
  5. Maybe that was a sighn or maybe not. :idea:
  6. gosh, that sounds terrible. don't worry, it was only a dream!
  7. I also hate dreams were I cannot speak, so frustrating!
  8. DOes anyone know how to interpret dreams? What does not being able to talk mean? =P It's quite common isen't it?