Nightmare Tenants!

  1. No, not me :p But I just read this interesting article on MSN- some people are just unbeliveable!

    My favorite was this:
    "We recently bought a new house that was a little out of our league, but being that it was four bedrooms, we figured we could rent out a room for some help with the mortgage, and so we did. We found a tenant who was single, didn't drink, didn't smoke and didn't do drugs. He had a cat but said it would stay in the room (I'm allergic). So we accepted him. Long story short, his cat ran around the house, scratched my dog and the furniture, and he did drink, and he did do drugs. The one thing he never did: pay his rent on time. Oh, yeah, and he was married. One day, his estranged wife came to town with a one-way ticket and moved in with no money and a drug problem. Lo and behold, while we were out working all day, she was snooping around the house . . . "collecting" things. First, the boat hitch was missing, and then my shoes. We logged on to our banking account one day and saw there was a check made out to cash, not in our handwriting (and "dollars" was spelled wrong), with the wife's account number and signature on the back. Needless to say, we evicted them immediately and discovered she had half my wardrobe, and I am still finding things missing!"
  2. kinda scary
  3. Yikes!!!
  4. Whoa! That's messed up.
  5. ugh!
  6. that article makes me sick. really. what is wrong with people? the things that some of these people did go beyond anything i have ever heard of. disgusting.
  7. What nerve!
  8. Oh man...
  9. And I feel sorry because we live in an apartment and we've spilled a few things on the carpet, such as soda, etc. I've tried to clean EVERYTHING as best as I can, but I already know that we're going to pay to have the carpets cleaned whenever we go to move.

    We have the sweetest land lady, her 45 year old son lives below us, I can't imagine doing anything like that to her. :yes:

    My parents always taught me leave places like this better than when you arrived.:tup:
  10. awful!! eviction wasn't enough, i would have reported them to the police!
  11. Oh horrors!! Anyone remember the film Pacific Heights? I swear I'll never be a landlady...
  12. Oh no....I would never rent a room to ANYONE! Unless it was a family member and even then I would really have to think about it. Letting a stranger live in my home? No way!
  13. The nerve on some people!!!
  14. I am always amazed at how crazy people are! This story makes you never want to rent!
  15. I currently own a 3 family in sheepshead bay and had numerous tenats in and out. Its very hard to find good ones. I once had tenats leave all there clothing behind, I walked into the kitchen and the oven was black I could not see it thats how bad it was, also the carpet had cigarette burns all over it and oil!!. This building I brought is Beautiful! Then I had other tenats who would bring there familys over to take showers!! One day I went by to pick up the rent I see a about 7 people walk out the building with bags in there hands and towels on there heads..OMG its horror