Nightmare after missed eggplant weekender!!

  1. Last night I can't sleep so, I turned on my notebook ..checked out eBay.
    Guess what I found .. eggplant weekender!!
    $1699 buy it now and can submit best offer.
    I put the button buy it now right away!!
    "the item ended" appeared!!! WTF?
    Someone was faster than me!!!!!!!!!

    Cry with me :cry:
    Until then and now I still awake .. looking at the pictures of that eggplant weekender which I don't think I'll see her again ...ever
  2. Andy, don't worry hun! I saw the new Violet this week, and it is almost exactly like the eggplant, and is very pretty! You can still get your hands on a purple :yes:
  3. ETA: Check out this pic of the Violet that I took at their trunk show this past Monday:

  4. OMG spiral!! Thanks so much for that pic!! I am so excited...cannot wait for it to come out!!:woohoo:

    Andy, this violet will be a great substitute for you!!
  5. aww..i hate when that happens. Don't worry when you least expect it...another one will pop up on eBay and then you can be super fast and bid.

    as for the new's so pretty! I want a work in that color!
  6. Oh hey I'm afraid I was the one who BIN

    I actually debated a full five minutes when I saw it since I am on a semi purse ban, and the price was a little high ( for me right now) ..then I submitted an offer, then I was like ..oh what the heck I've been waiting for this one and I BIN

    They are kind of rare but I have seen a couple before. I'll keep an eye out for you Andy-sach !
  7. Congrats!! to you (with my tear) :crybaby:
    Don't forget to show the pix. when you get it

    Also, thank you everyone for cheer me up
    I'm definitely looking fwd to see violet.
  8. The violet is beautiful!
  9. There, there. There's always another one, someday. And the fall violet is awfully yummy.

    Maybe you should waitlist yourself somewhere?

    Varsha, please do post pictures of you wearing the bag when you get it!
  10. :wtf: I saw this when it came up and I was in shock! :wtf: I can not wait until Violet comes out! :nuts: I WILL be broke!
  11. I was looking at pics and descriptioin and it was GONE~~
    Congrats Varsha..
  12. yes, I agree that you can console urself w/ a new violet this fall! I am hoping it comes in the weekender style....
  13. it has to come in weekender!!!:yes: this colour is so gorgeous the bigger bag the better ! so dont worry hun im sure ur gonna love the violet even more than eggplant :nuts: ! and who knows maybe there is another eggplant weekender waiting just for you out there ...:smile:
  14. Spiral, thanks for posting the violet! It's GORGEOUS. Definitely getting a better reading on this color. Violet Work here I come! :biggrin:

    Andy, you'll find your bag eventually! If not, violet is the perfect replacement! :flowers:
  15. OMG spiral the violet is so pretty, thank you for posting!