Nightlife in Miami

  1. A while back I posted a request as to what hotels in
    South Beach were good places to stay. We have a "girls" trip coming up and ended up making reservations at The Tides! Thanks for all of your suggestions, they were all great. Now we need to know about nightlife. What nightclub would you recommend? Keep in mind we are in our early 30s. I've read positive/negative things about all of them but wanted to know fellow pfers experience(s). Also, where's a low key place to have drinks? We made reservations at funkshion, is this a good idea? Thanks!
  2. Fun, fun, fun! We did the same for a bachlorette party in April. Stayed at The Standard (wonderful!) and hit The Shore Club to begin the evening outdoors. We also had a good time at Sweet, but an even better time at Snatch (downstairs- but you have to go to the bathroom and take the exit stairs to get down there).

    Some people rave about Prive, but I haven't been. I recommend working with your concierge at the hotel for the hook up if you are looking for the hottest club.
  3. I love wandering up and down Lincoln Rd and having drinks at all the cool places. There are tables set outside, so you can people watch all night long.

    Tabbyco - where is Sweet/Snatch? I missed going there in January. I am going down in Oct and would love to check it out!
  4. Do those services that guarantee admission really work? Thanks for the info! Great advice!
  5. i went to miami in march w/ 10 girls and had a BLAST! the tides is beautiful! we went there after watching "$40 a day" with rachel ray, because she went there to have their signature popsicle martinis, and we decided we needed to try them.

    prive is the VIP area for opium, and personally, i liked opium better than prive, but if u get into prive, u can go into opium if u would like. i also had a lot of fun at mansion, but it plays a lot of hip hop, so if thats your thing, definitely check it out. the hotel bar at the delano is beautiful and definitely a place to go for drinks before hitting the clubs. also, nikki beach is a really fun place to check out.

    we found that putting yourself on the guest list through those services that guarantee admission really doesnt work. fortunately, one of the girls' cousins lives in miami, and he put us on the guest list for every club, but we had to use his name to get in. but if ur going w/ a group of girls, getting into any club should NOT be a problem

    have fun!!! hope this helps!
    hope this helps!!
  6. Miami is so much fun! When I went back in 2001, there was a Latin place on Ocean Drive called Mangos. My friends and I went there and had a blast! The music, the dancers and the enviance are great. Have fun!
  7. Clubs- SNATCH, AMIKA, NIKKI Beach Club
    After hours- SPACE is a must, must, must! Not sure if Metropolis is still happening but you can check it out. BRICKS is another gorgeous club downtown in the Brickell area.

    SNATCH is on Washington Avenue & Espanola way (can't figure out how to pute the ~ on top of the n in Espanola) the club is cool there is a mechanical bull in the front of the bar/club. The waitresses are gorgeous and the crowd is lovely. Great to people watch and if your looking to get your swerve on Snatch is the place.
    Lincoln Road is FAB, FAB, FAB if you girls decide to have brunch you can hit the Van Dyke which is on Lincoln Road and Jefferson you can't miss it. Food is good and people watching is the best from any table outside.
    Segafreddo on Lincoln Road is also has a cool trendy crowd. Good for people watching and if you like Buddha Bar type music you will love this place. 99% of seating is outside. But, if your not into ciggie smoke this is not your place or get a table on the end. Almost EVERYONE sitting smokes.