Nightingale Shoulder strap

  1. hi gals... i have been long for a nightingale for few months... it is totall gorgerous... but only one thing i cannot make my decision. Does the long stap fall off easily from shoulder?? Since i am having this problem with my BAL... it is so annoying sometimes. thanks !
  2. Hi! I have bals too and I find that the shoulder strap stay on better and its feels more padded as compared to my part times..
  3. I no longer own the Nightingale but I did briefly. The shoulder strap would not stay on me at all.


  4. Hey Jessx! I think it depends on the size Nightingale you choose and the material.

    The strap on the large nightingale stay put from what I've heard. Plus there is at least one pic somewhere on the forum.

    I have a calfskin medium nightingale that I bought pre-owned and the strap sits perfectly fine on my shoulder. In fact, the bag has become a go-to for me, when I am running around with my little ones as it allows me to be hands free. I briefly owned another nightingale that was a medium and the shoulder strap would not get over my shoulder at all. That one was made from polyester.

    I have not owned a bal city or part-time, but never knew that the straps don't stay on. Could you explain more about that? Was planning on getting a city in the new year...

    Anyway, hope the info shared is of some benefit and good luck!
  5. OP, I was wondering the same thing for the smooth Nightingale's in medium. It seems like the strap would fall so easily, no? I don't have that problem with the classic hardware Balenciaga's at all. I slip the shoulder strap pad off though - that thing is the pain in the ***.

    Aluxe - I've found that the thicker (width-wise) straps of bals on the giant hw bags don't stay on me as well as the thinner ones one the classic hardware bags.
  6. no probs with my nightingales, but i tend to have a full bag.
  7. Thanks for your input, REREsaurus. I had no idea there was difference in width between the shoulder straps of the GGH/RGGH/GSH cities and the RH ones. Hmm, I looked at them 2 weekends ago bit paid no attention to straps. Will have to look into that as I want a GH city.

    Thanks for your help! And sorry to hijack your thread OP:smile:
  8. Hmm, REREsaurus, could you do a comparison thread on the shoulder straps for the nightingale, antigona and bal city? Sorry to ask, but I for one could benefit, if you have the time. An antigona is also on my lust list. Since it seems you have all three bags, it would be great to see the differences in shoulder strap width between them.

    Pretty please? :flowers:
  9. I have a medium nightingale. I don't have issues with my shoulder strap. When I put it on my shoulder, it stays put. But it does better if my bag is a little fuller or heavier. Oh and my bag is leather. Hope this helps!
  10. Hey! I would be happy to do a comparison between the Antigona and the Bal SGH PT (which I believe is the same thickness of the Bal SGH City strap). I don't have the Nightingale anymore though... so just the two. Would that help?
  11. I have no problems with my Nightingale's shoulder strap staying put and it's very comfy on the shoulder too because of the padding.
  12. Hey, it would help me and I won't be surprised if it helps others as well.:smile:
    Will look forward to it. Thanks!
  13. Merry X'mas sweeties~~ and thanks all for the kind advice... Finally i got my 1st nightingale big in Deep pink lambskin ... i tried for 1 day and it stands firmly on my shoulder.. while as for my BAL RGGH, i think probably because of the comfort pad on the straps makes it fall off all the time... but one friend of mine has a black city with no problems at all... maybe because of me , my shoulder?? :p
    i will make a new thread to reveal my babe... :yahoo:
  14. yay, a new reveal thread! can't wait.
    as for your dilemma, maybe "sloping shoulder syndrome" is the cause? not sure if this is a real medical condition...