Nightingale.....give me the pros and cons!!!!

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  1. I am thinking about getting my first Givenchy bag. I am loving this style. I have recently sold off several of my LV bags. I am looking for a bag that doesn't scream a designer name but is still designer if that makes sense. (most of my LV were the monogrammed canvass ones). TWO straps are a must for me...I love a handheld bag but get tired of carrying it all the time and I love the ease of a shoulder bag but get bored with "just a shoulder" bag- so two straps makes me happy!!!!
    The nightingale looks so nice but I don't have a store local that I can see in person.
    What are the pros and cons of this bag....especially the cons!!!! Thanks in advance!!!
  2. If you get a Nightingale in the size that you want, it will be perfect. I had a medium gale and I had originally wanted a small. At first I loved it, but after I started loading it up I thought the bag was too big and I was turned off. So I sold it. I would buy a gale again but of course a small size, because that was the size I wanted all along.
  3. I like bigger bags so I think a medium would fit me best. I like having extra room even if I don't use it all!
  4. It is a really nice bag and was on my wish list once. The leather is great and the small size is just nice for my frame n daily needs.

    All along I am considering getting the gale or another Bal city, im so keen on getting the gale until last weekend. I tried (empty and also with my stuff in it) it on but I did not like how it slouch on my body when shoulder carry (My bal city slouched beautifully though). It looked really lovely when carry by the hands or crook of the arm but mayb not on the shoulder.
    I don't carry much and don't like to stuff my bag so mayb this will affect how the bag slouches?? I guess for this reason I don't think I will consider getting it.
    Another thing is when I saw the bag IRL it doesn't give me the 'heart pumping' feeling so might as well.....

    Just my thoughts when getting a bag :biggrin:
  5. My only concern with Nightingale is the shoulder strap to short for my build and no more after that. I use my mom medium nightingale maybe 3x-4x per month for work, i usually use it handheld or crook to my arm and though I can hook the shoulder strap over my shoulder is not that very comfy for my build. But over all I love nightingale.