Nightingale: colour help

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  1. hi ladies!

    this will be my first givenchy purchase. I am just having trouble picking one. Would you ladies go with the emerald green colour or black?

    They are both beautiful

    Thank you!
  2. So tough, but if you have any other black bags, I'd say go for the emerald green. If you dont really baby your bags then black will be easier to maintain.

    Had to take my green gale out so that you'd have smth for reference. It's lambskin, so if the one u r looking at is goat, the color should be a bit brighter. 20181202_132435.jpg
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  3. Another bathroom shot since lighting is better here so excuse the robe.
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  4. 3BD74D4E-4548-4E3A-853E-228496F82F4C.jpeg
    That’s gorgeous! The one I was looking at appears a little darker. I wear a lot of neutrals im just wondering how well this bag will go with my wardrobe.

    I love black I just worry it’s too basic? The green stands out more and I love the gold hardware
  5. Darker green will be even better for upkeep. If u have lots of neutral clothing, shoes, then a little bit of color in a bag is easier to get used to than a bright one. Like burgundy, aubergine or the deep seafoam green one u posted, are great choices. The gold hw definitely pops against these more, but aren't as basic as black.
  6. Is the pic on the right the one you have in your possession right now or just some stock pic from online? If latter, you can ignore my PM.