Nightingale as an Evening / Going Out Bag??

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I love seeing photos of the nightingale but I realized I don't see it used as a going out to dinner or evening bag. I only remember daytime modshots or celeb shots. Most owners seem to have medium or large. Do any of you use it for evenings or do you feel is really is more of a daytime bag?

    There is the small version. I rarely see anyone with the small. Just not practical for daily use? Perhaps the nightingale option for evenings?
  2. In general, the nightingale is very practical for many uses, e.g., travel, work, weekend brunch or shopping. For dinner and evening, I can still myself using it if it's not a fancy restaurant where you dress up in a LBD. I don't think the small size makes a big difference b/c the style of it is not conducive to a fancier outfit. Givenchy has some other more evening appropriate bags such as the clutch or minaudiere below.,default,pd.html?cgid=BARNEYS&index=4,default,pd.html?cgid=BARNEYS&index=18
  3. I just saw on BG's site that Givenchy came out with a micro version of the Nightingale. Not sure if anyone posted about it yet but the dimensions are smaller than the typical Nightingale size.

    11 inches x 8 inches
  4. I find my Nightingales to be very nondescript, so if you're just going out for a casual outing I don't see any reason to switch out bags.

    It's not an "evening" bag though, so if you're attending a party or some other event with a specific dress code - I would leave the Nightingale behind.

    I have no problem taking it along to lunches or casual dinners, but personally I prefer a clutch or just a smaller bag for evenings if I'm going out with a group, especially if we'll be moving from place to place or there will be a lot of standing and mingling. It's my own hang-up; I just feel self-conscious about being "that girl who keeps bumping in to people with her huge bag."
  5. You could use it to go out but it is quite a large bag (I tried the medium) and ilke ehemelay I would prefer a smaller bag or a clutch for evenings out. A small nightingale could work well though.
  6. I wore my Nightingale last night for drinks and eats with the girls last night. We went to a nice little restaurant/lounge in the Foggy Bottom area of Washington, DC. I was uber casual (because I was too tired to change). I had on a pair of jeans a long sleeve shirt, a fur vest and wedge biker boots. I think it worked :biggrin:

    But, I wouldn't use my Nightingale for a proper dinner or outing. I'd grab a clutch or small wallet bag that would carry my essentials.

    Givenchy has some nice clutches that still have that Givenchy-vibe and are very nice.
  7. I am with you ladies on Nightingale. It seems just fine for a casual outing at night but the more dressy occasions need something else, and likely smaller.

    Even though a micro sounds so cute, but I think the style of Nightingale lends itself to more relaxed attire or outings.

    I do have my iconic Chanel black bag and the black Valentino Rockstud shoulder bag, which can be worn as a clutch or crossbody. I guess I will stick to those. Both are small enough to sit nicely at dinner with me and each has the elegance needed for very nice night out....but I have one that is super classic and the other has that little bit of edge.

    I guess I will just stick to my one Givenchy for a while...Love Miss Antigona!

    Aluxe: Wow, Foggy Bottom? I went to GWU! Brings back alot of memories :biggrin:
  8. Oh did you now? I 'served time' at GWU law so the area is my old stomping ground. My friends and I wanted to go somewhere we knew and could have a quiet but fun time - Circle Bistro it was.

    Glad I could remind you of (hopefully fun) memories ;)
  9. Oh yeah, 4 years there. Good times...good times...:graucho:
  10. Not rlli.....Antigona can be used more for evenings than nightingale cuz the nightingale is not structured at all so it can't be a evening bag.
  11. I actually took my Antigona out for a very nice dinner. She is so sophisticated and chic...Loved the look of her but she is pretty big. I have a medium black. I normally keep my bags in my chair just behind my back or next to me. No way could I do that with Antigona. Thankfully, there was a spot by the window (never on the floor for my precious gems!). I really would have preferred a smaller bag for an outing like that.
  12. Yeah..I think clutches are the best for evening.:smile: