Nightingale #2

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  1. I received my second Nightingale this afternoon and it's just as lovely as the first!

    #2 is a medium, black goat skin bag with silver hardware. The goat skin is not quite as soft to touch as my calf skin Nightingale, but it's equally pliable and I think that it will start to break in nicely after a few wears.

    I think it looks fantastic today, and I know that it will just get better and better with use.

    This is my fifth Givenchy in two years - the quality is unbeatable! In 2012, I carefully pared down my bag collection to just nine pieces. I've pledged that the number will never again exceed 10. The new Nightingale will get plenty of wear as part of this small family.





  2. gorgeous!
  3. can you post a pic of your midnight and black nightingales together? :]
  4. It's gorgeous on you! I like the silver hardware, it sort of gives the bag a bit more oomph! ;)
  5. Absolutely stunning!!! I LOVE the silver HW!! She looks wonderful on you. Congratulations!
  6. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm thinking about getting one of these after my next Pandora. How difficult do you find it is to get to your things? The bag sure is big!
  7. This is a nice bag too! The bag just looks part of you. I really like how the hardware stands out against the leather.
  8. ceeli: I'll take some photos of the two Nightingales tomorrow, in daylight.

    It's hard to describe; they're the same but also very different! (I feel that way about my Pandoras, too).
  9. Thanks, ladies - I also really like the silver HW.

    One of my favorite things about Givenchy, which I have noticed with all of the hardware (now I have two gold, two silver and one gunmetal), is that it's very neutral. So, the gold isn't overtly yellow and the silver isn't blindingly white.

    I like to mix metals in the first place, but I feel like Givenchy bags will "go" with anything, regardless of the metal color. So I could wear a big armful of bright gold bangles with this bag and it would look fine.
  10. I have no trouble finding my things in the Nightingale. But, I tend to organize everything into smaller bags that live in my handbag!

    I carry two phones, one in the cell phone pocket and the other in the zippered pocket (I use the front pocket on the Pandora for both of my phones). Then I have a money wallet and a smaller waller for cosmetics, two cosmetic pouches that I use to organize other stuff, and usually my iPad.

    I do think it would be sort of a black hole if you were to throw a lot of smaller, loose items in the bag.
  11. Thank you! Can't wait to wear it out of the house tomorrow.
  12. Black, goat, 'gale. Enough said. So cannot go wrong with this combo.

    I cant believe u have 5 already! U should post a family pic on yhe 'share your givenchy family' thread.
  13. Congrats on your new Nightingale! It looks fabulous on you! Will you be sharing a Givenchy family pic? :graucho:
  14. Aaaaaaaw :smile: it is so classy and gorgeous! I want one!!!!
  15. Thank you all - I just want to get to bed and sleep my 6 hours so I can wake up and carry that bag tomorrow!!

    A family photo is a great idea, I'll have to tackle that this week.