Night vs. Noir and some hardware info!

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  1. I had originally posted this at the end of the "Pics & Praise for the Market Tote thread" but I know it is just going to get buried and I think it applies to more than just the Market Tote since it's about leathers and hardware mostly so I thought I start a new thread just in case someone was curious about any if this.

    First off hardware- (last season vs. New Fall Market Totes)You can barely tell a difference between the updated buckles and the old buckles *when the old buckles are NEW and shiny* but over time the older buckles WILL tarnish.
    Not to worry though!!

    I first had a NIGHT MT which I had purchased off *bay from a fellow tpfer.. it was beautiful and all but the hardware was really tarnished (as mentioned in auction so it wasn't a surprise or anything).. little did I know my SO had ordered me a new NOIR MT.. (which is crazy b/c he has never bought me a bag EVER!). So I had decided to give the NIGHT MT away to a friend of mine since I snagged her for such a good deal but didn't want to give her the bag with the deeply tarnished buckels so I bought some Brasso.

    I'll tell you within a matter of SECONDS the buckles looked just as shiny as my brand spankin' new NOIR MT!!!
    I couldn't believe it! I will advise that if you do decide to clean up your brass hardware that you are careful, you wouldn't want to get any on the leather just in case. I literally used a bunch of q-tips so I could precisely apply just the right amount of brasso in just the right areas. I then took a clean paper towel and wiped the buckles clean. I did get a little dot of braso on the leather and I quickly wiped it clean with a wet paper towel and it came right off..
    I strongly advise anyone who has tarnished brass hardware to use this stuff because it turned an old looking bag into a beautiful, shinning bag that could have passed for new. JUST BE CAREFUL IF YOU DO but don't be scared!

    Secondly- there IS a difference between the NOIR & NIGHT leather... albeit a small difference but I could definitely pick out which bags were NIGHT and which were NOIR in the store and at my house. I looked at several of each and there was a consistent difference. The NOIR leather has a bit more glaze (or shine.. whatever you'd like to call it) while the NIGHT leather is more matte.. thus giving the NOIR a bit more structure and thicker feeling as well. There are also some updated features on the NOIR bags such as sealed handles etc..

    I know these are some random tidbits but I hope it is useful info to at least one person out there- thanks for listening!:heart:
  2. Cool, thanks for the info littlerock. I haven't made it into a store lately to compare my night with the noir.
  3. Very useful info indeed LR! Thanks! :tup: They rarely describe it in such details in any stores or on evilbay, but I think it's safe to say that we Minkettes care a pretty great deal about these details. I also appreciate the color clarification re: Noir and Night, always wonder about that myself... :thinking:

  4. Informative review, LR! I have always wondered about the difference and now I know. Thanks for taking the time!