Night Time Soaps Of The 80's

  1. Did Anyone Use To Watch The Night Time Soaps Of The 80's???

    Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, Knots Landing.....

    I Loved Them All. I Would Still Watch Them All Day If I Could!!! LOL!
  2. my sister and I were just talking about LA LAW. Every Friday I watched Dallas and Falcon Crest. My mom never let me watch Dynasty so I had to catch up on these on the Soap Opera network.
  3. I loved Falcon Crest.
  4. I Loved Falcon Crest.....I Watched Dallas & Falcon Crest, Too....Loved Lorenzo Lamas (As A Little Girl!)........Larry Hagman Has To Be Of The Funniest Ever!!!

    Dynasty I Probably Watched The Least....Until I Got Older. Now, I Could Sit There & Watch For The Clothes.

    I Don't Think Dynasty Is On Soapnet Anymore....I Miss It! I Read That A Dynasty Reunion Was Coming Up.....I Hope I Didn't Miss It...
  5. I used to love Knots Landing & Falcon Crest too!! I remember being "in love" with that guy Paige (Knots - Nicolette Sheridan) was with in the later seasons. He was a cop - I think his name was Tom. He had a mullett but he was HOT! :lol: :lol:
  6. Wasn't Moonlighting one? With Bruce Willis? I remember, vaguely, that I'd watch that with my mom at night when I was very little! Maybe that was just considered a normal tv show though.
  7. friday night was all about dallas!
  8. Dallas-never missed it, and Knots Landing the first few seasons. Heard they are making a Dallas movie starring the man whose posters plastered my teenage walls-JOHN TRAVOLTA:love: Ya know, I even have his album-yes younger tPF'ers he recorded an album in the 70's the music I wouldn't say rocked the house but his picture on the the back of the album-YUMMMMMMMMMMMM
  9. My parents watched Dynasty, Knots Landing and Falcon Crest all the time. The only thing I can remember is this actor that played a senator. LOL.
  10. I watched Dynasty, Moonlighting, and LA Law.
  11. The Dynasty reunion already aired. I missed it too!:sad:
  12. Oh Kat ~ It Already Aired.....Oh Well! Thanks Sweetie!