Night tables/lamps....

  1. Can anyone tell me the rule for the height of night tables.
    In november I purchase a new bad. Well its a lot taller then what I had. Give give you an idea with the mattresses these days its 14" think then the frame and box spring are about 13in" SO my old night tables look awful.

    Im not sure if i just need taller lamps as they should be at eye level while sitting in bed. I just dont want to paint these table to find out I should have new ones.

    thanks in advance.
  2. Lie in bed holding a tape measure with a small rock or coin taped to the end. Reach your hand out. Note the measurement. Your night table's height should be within 3 to 6 inches of that, so that you can easily reach snooze button, pills, Kleenex, remote, whatever will comprise the residents of your night table!
  3. ^^ thank you,
    I was just checking out the online furniture stores. (the brick and leons) just to see the height of their night tables and they all seemed to be at height as the mattress.
    they ranged from 26-29" tall. I then measured mine and its only 22".

    SO, I guess i'm going to put these into the basement as end tables and buy new tables for my room. (doing the happy dance)

    thanks again,
  4. My nightstand is just a little bit taller than my matress. Maybe around 3-4 inches higher or so??

    On my nightstand I have a touch lamp (no switch, I touch it and it goes on), my alarm clock and a ceramic dog that my grandmother made for me when I was a child.
  5. My bed is really high as well and my bedside tables sit at about the same height.
    We bough chests to go next to ours as opposed to traditional nightstands.
  6. We had our nightstands/side tables custom made (we know someone.. who knows someone that makes and designs beautiful pieces for some of the top furniture manufacturers). We have a high bed too. They are perfect! I could never find the right ones in the furniture stores..we even made special trips down the North Carolina to find some and could not. It's costly to get the custom made ones but definitely worth it. I love having one of a kind pieces.
  7. Ikea actually makes some nice solid wood nightstands that vary in height. If you have a catalog, all the dimensions are in there. Some are taller than others.
  8. That's where mine came from. My room is fairly modern and young (no big fancy furniture), so the fact that my nightstand has wheels doesn't bother me. It actually makes things a lot easier for me since I don't have to lift it and move it if I want to vacuum underneath
  9. Thanks for that infor, i'm going to have to get some ideas here.
  10. Hmm maybe i'll check their website.. thanks
  11. Thats awesome..
  12. I'm a fan of IKEA too!:yes: You can find cute household items in there like silverwear, glasses and everyday them and Pier1 Imports...great stores!