Night or Noir..what's a girl to do!?

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  1. I have the Night Morning After sitting in my LB cart right now ready to be bought. However, I can't help but wonder if the pre-fall MA in Noir will somehow be better. Do you think the color will be that different?

    Someone tell me to buy it in Night and get on with things!
  2. the night is a BEAUTIFUL shade of dark black! it has a slight sheen to it which i think is TDF.

    However none of us have seen the Noir yet to confirm what you should choose.
  4. Black is black, buy it! DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! I've lost beautiful things by doing that and it's PAINFUL!

    BUY IT!
  5. I agree, I always regret waiting because I can never get these things later! Crying yourself to sleep is not fun! just kidding it IS fun. What?!

    Buy it!
  6. Did you buy it Did you buy it????
  7. eeeeekkkkk! Not yet!! I am thisclose though. I know if I don't do it I'll just drive myself crazy thinking about it. :hysteric:
  8. I did! It's only available in Pre-order though until 4/7
  9. I say buy it...get it, look at it, feel it. If you are not feeling it, then return it.
    LB returns are free but you have to do within 14 days to get refund if not after 14 days but before 45 days - you will only get back store credit. I was thinking the whole day what to and finally I decided to just get it and see if this bag is the one I want in person.
  10. I would say wait for the Noir! The night morning after has been up on the LB website for a while now and I think it will still be up by next week when the new colors will be released. So I would say you should take a look at what the Noir looks like first, compare, and then rethink!
  11. I love the new night/dark spot matinee:love:

    Lunaboston just added it

  12. me too..:tup: