Night Moisturizer for 24-25 years old

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  1. I've been searching forums and read reviews concerning moisturizers,but really don't know what brand to chose.I use dermalogica intensive moisture balance during the day,but in the night I really don't use anything,however when I wake up in the morning I see fine lines on my forehead.I'm afraid it will get worse in time.
    Read somewhere that Jessica Alba was using Shiseido night cream,and I know Benefiance NutriPerfect Night Cream is pretty good but only form age 50+.I could really use some advice.
  2. Sorry no advice but i would love to know. I am turning 26 this year and I hate thinking what is going on with my face. I just use nivea. A tiny bit. I am pretty happy with it. I have always been afraid to use creams because they might do worse on younger person than it would help out. But i know i am not that young anymore. Love to here what the ladies have to say.
  3. i'm 27 and my sister is 26. she recommended oil of olay's regenerist. she said after she started using it she got a lot of compliments on her complexion (even though she already had a great complexion to begin with). i'm using it now also. i don't use the night one i use the day one at night. i do like the way it feels and i think its very moisturizing. i haven't gotten compliments on my skin like my sister has but i do feel like my skin tone is a bit more even.

    during the day i use aveeno's positively radiant moisturizer because it has spf and is very moisturizing (if you have oily skin i would not recommend the aveeno's moisturizer). love to see what others will say though!
  4. i started using Dior L'Or de Vie Extract at night last year when i turned 25 - it's a moisturizing gel instead of a cream, so it's much lighter. i love it! i really feel like my skin looks healthier and more radiant! i also use the Crème Yeux from the same line (^(oo)^)v
  5. im just starting to use avons reversalist. I know it says 40 plus and im only 28 but ive heard so many good things i thought i would give it a go. I love the smell of both the serum and the night cream and my skin is def in better condition
  6. i use rose hip oil on my face at night time, it doesn't break me out and i do have super sensitive skin. I notice if i don't use it in the morning because it makes my complexion so even and glowing and helps with the dry patches during winter...
    don't be scared that you're putting OIL on your face! rose hip is amazing for your skin really high in Vitamins- im 26 and i swear its made me look very youthful and especially living in new york with the dirty polluted air...
    i use it from kosmea and the little bottle lasts a good few months
  7. I really like Philosophy Hope in a Jar. It's affordable and really does the trick! makes my skin so smooth!! evens out skin tone too. Apparently this was originally used by dermatologists and medical professionals to treat burn victims.
  8. I use Philosophy Hope in a Jar (sparingly, my face is slightly oilier sometimes) and When Hope is not Enough serum in the winter. In the summer I usually just use the serum. I'm 26 and have had really good results.
  9. Yoglood, we must have posted at the same time! I love Philosophy's line, I can't get enough.
  10. my favorite is to use Avon Hyda Mask at nite..i leave it on all nite..i LOVE it! you dont even feel it after about a minute of having it on..i use a very small amout and it covers my whole face and neck :yes: I also love creme la mer at nite ~ i cant be without it
  11. decleor hydra floral mask. 2 in 1. Use as mask or nightcream. I use this every night during the winter. I love it
  12. I'm 22 and I use pholosophy hope in a jar too and it's skin has never glow so much...