Night MAM: Plain vs. Gold Bottom

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  1. Okay gals...time for your opinions.

    I need one more bag before going on a ban for a few months.

    After evaluating what I own, all my black bags in my collection are logo. I really feel that I need something black leather, so this way if I am traveling with 3 days worth of outfits during the summer I have a guarenteed match to everything.

    I definately decided that I need another RM as the brand. But I keep going back between the plain and the gold bottom.

    Pro's of the plain Night:

    -Silver hardware
    -More timeless

    Pro's of the Gold Bottom:

    -Gives the bag a little something extra, so it's not a totally black bag.

    I think I remember others posting that the gold bottom is hard to find in the MAM...and more often available in the MAB. The MAB is too big for me, so this may help my decision lol.

    Anyone have either bag?

  2. I thinkt he MAM godl bottom it has a little something extra with the gold I am still waivering whether I am going to get this one too or just hold out for the sample sale!!
  3. Definitely the gold bottom! the MAM is still available at for preorder and you can get 10% off with code "babyblog"...

    Rebecca usually produces a basic black bag every season or every other season. All the Black bags she produces, i've heard all have the soft thick leather, so you can always wait for a sample sale or something. But the night/gold is very unique, and may be a limited edition.

    however we scored some better deals on the MAB during the bloomies, and NM sale. I think today is the last day for the bloomies sale, so you should call the Soho and 59th street store and see if they have any left. Most of us got it under $400. Missyb has posted the numbers in the "ebay deals" sticky... You have to buy 2 bags at the NM sale to get $400 off... i think some girls got the MAM for $350 in gold...
  4. I as well am confused. I think the gold crackle bottom is going to look amazing and I'm waiting till I see it in person. I think the thought of a completely black leather mam also sounds just luscious. However, I need to inspect the gold crackle bottom and see it first because it just looks beautiful from the pictures. I know its a tough call, but I'm waiting till I get my hands on the gold crackle that I ordered to make any decisions.
  5. Such decisions lol

    I THINK I may end up going with the plain one only because my MAM now has gold hardware...and I am a silver lover normally, so I would like to diversify and have one of each.

    Then I just looked at the gold one again on that site and it looks so pretty lol. I am nuts. It's just a bag.
  6. ^ Hi Fendi, I personally love the gold bottom. I think it gives the regular night bag it's much needed extra oomph! But it's what you prefer the best!

    I'm sure whatever you choose, you will absolutely love it. Because, I mean, after all it is a Rebecca Minkoff, right? ;)
  7. I personally think you should get the black/gold MAM. It is a beautiful bag, and has a little something extra! its not "just a black bag", which btw can be purchased any season. plus IMO RM's black bags are a little plain to me...maybe you could get like a basketweave or something if you wanted a black MAM to make it not as plain but still make it classic?
  8. Are you sure Night MAM has silver hardware? I've only seen it with gold. I'd love a bag with silver, though! If they made a night with SILVER crackle bottom I'd be all over it.
  9. I don't think any of the new black bags this season have silver hardware...I talked to Catalina about wanting one and they did not have one and no plans as of now for making one...I have a mam with the old silver hardware.....Did they ever make the Nikki with the old silver hardware????
  10. I would say go for the black with gold. The websites don't do it justice. I bought it but am returning it because I ordered the black basketweave. I cannot keep both because it is too similar for me. But the black with gold is just gorgeous and I hate to part with it. It makes it more unique than the simple black bag but still has a timeless quality to it. The leather is wonderful and softer than my tangerine. Hope the basketweave is that soft. But just wanted to share my thoughts on your decision!!! I am sure you will enjoy which ever you choose!
  11. I also think the gold is special. You can always find black w/silver hw bags but that goldbottom is really beautiful and sets it apart from other bags! A pure black RM bag for me is a tad too boring for me. Why get a pure black one when RM has so many fun color options.
  12. GREAT idea! I've also though of this as well ;) I am more of a silver person. Some bags are doable in gold for me but I'm more of a cool toned person and don't like wearing brown often. If RM doesn't make a silver crackle one, I think gold would be lovely as well with the black.

    I'm wondering why so many designers stay away from silver though?