Night clubs/Bars - do you go?

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  1. I used to be a club kid a few yrs ago but now not so much. I just don't like the elbow to elbow space, intense heat and the people who get really drunk. These days I do go out but I like a more relaxed scene - say lounge and bar with music thats not bursting your eardrums ;) I'm not talking the "retirement home" club or anything, I still hit the dance floor religiously when a good song comes on :P

    Do you guys still go to clubs or am I a loner? :sad2: :P
  2. I'm pretty much the same way now. However I live nowhere close to my girlfriends, so I'd be going out more if they were around...but that doesn't necessarily mean clubs. I'm married now, so I'm kind of settling down anyways. And if anybody hasn't noticed yet, I'm on here every.single.friday.night. :biggrin:
  3. hmmm....i think i stopped going to club after high school/early college but i do love going to bars ;)
  4. not so much anymore. used to go a lot in university and when i first started working. occaisonally i'll go with my gf's, but rarely. and now its more casual sit down places or martini bars where you can actually sit and talk.
  5. I don't go to dance clubs, but I do like going to small clubs or bars to see bands play. It's always nice to go with a group of friends, have a few beers and listen to good music :biggrin:
  6. Yeah, once every few weeks. It's only fun if the music is good though.
  7. I'll only go to a club if it's to see a concert. I'm not old enough to drink yet but when I am, I'd love to go to some clubs in Vegas with my friends.
  8. I was never into clubs/bars. The first time I went was my 21st. Had 3 drinks and went home. LOL.
  9. i've always been in the straight club scene, at first as a promoter then behind the velvet curtain management..but it gets tiring fast.. so i got out.. and now i just go clubbing when i have time and energy.. since west hollywood is a good 45 min away.. -_-. it's still fun, and i get free drinks from the owner (he likes slim asian guys.. lol. i always get free drinks as long as i pretend to flirt or whatever). all fun and games.. but that's probably once a quarter. haha.
  10. i went back when i was 16/7...since then i've gotten a longterm bf and have pretty much settled in for the past 6+ years! i still go out once in a blue moon with my gf's. its the cigarette smoke that kills me when i go! bleck!
  11. I live in a small college the "club" scene is pretty minimal! I do go to bars to hear bands -- and always end up on the dancefloor -- and also like martini bar/cocktail lounge environments. I'm in my early thirties, and even though I loved college and I still like hanging out with the younger kids a lot, sometimes I try to get into a slightly more "adult" environment -- since the downtown bars here are all dominated by 21 year old college students:smile: Of course, here it is Friday night and I'm at the forum...but I get out at least once or twice a week! I've also been into playing poker lately.
  12. there is a huuuuuuuge bar and club scene in Athens since it's like the quintessential college town, but i don't really go. i work the evening shift, which means i'm usually tired as hell, and i won't be 21 until december. only the crappy clubs are 18 and up anyway, all the cool places are 21 and up, and i really don't have the desire to get a fake ID. i don't really like crowds anyway. or drunk people, lol.
  13. After reading Amanda's post, I feel like I should clarify that there is a huge bar scene here too, since psu and uga are pretty similar:smile: But I'm not sure that there are many clubs that focus exclusively on techno dance music and huge crowds and the whole kind of "clubbing" environment that I associate more with bigger cities...

    Is that what you originally meant by "club" as opposed to bars and lounges edsbgirl?
  14. I've stopped going to clubs but most of my peers are still very into the clubbing scene but I started earlier than most of them so I guess I've just grown tired of it.

    I go to jazz bars but usually just sit around at home with the dogs, some chocolates and a nice glass of wine. :biggrin:
  15. I love going to bars. I prefer to mingle, meet new people and actually have a good conversation without having to talk over the music. I still like going to nightclubs but not so much anymore.