Night Club Outfits for Paris / Europe

  1. What do people typically wear to night clubs in Europe? Do they have strict dress codes? Could I get away with wearing denim? I have a nice pair of dark skinny jeans to wear with a pair of heels. I'll be going in winter and will mostly be in Paris, France. Thanks!

    Also any outfit ideas would be appreciated. And if you know anything about men's dress code, that would be helpful too since I'm going with my SO.
  2. Some clubs have a strict "no denim" rule but not all so I guess you'd need to check with the particular night club you wanted to visit. A nice dress for the lady plus a pair of killer heels would normally get you in and guys - trousers plus a shirt (designer helps).

    Have fun!!:yahoo:
  3. Thanks!
  4. Think Balmain: tight short dress with high heels/shoe boots in black. That's what the French Vogue girls like.

  5. I went clubbing a lot while on study abroad in France and usually just wore jeans and heels with a nice top. Most places didn't have strict dress codes.
  6. Sonya, isn't it a bit cold to be wearing dresses like that? Or do you just wear a coat over it and remove it once you are in the club?

    Also, is it acceptable to wear long sleeved tops, or will that be too frumpy?
  7. i also found europe to be pretty casual while going out, even paris.

    there was one club in belgium that didn't allow sneakers for the men but that was the only " dress code" i encountered.

    london was a bit more trendier/fashion forward. at least from my limited experience this is what i noticed.

    i just wore great fitted jeans, a cool top and a funky jacket. i'm always scared of ruining my nice heels while in europe so i usually wear cool wedges or boots depending on the time of year.
  8. ^i agree- in spain/amsterdam/london/rome i always just wore nice jeans, heels and a sexy top
  9. Thanks so much, everyone, good to know!

    I do have cute dresses to wear, but am nervous about the freezing code, so I just want to have some pants options, and I love skinny jeans so I am hoping to get some use out of those. That's a relief that I can wear them hehe!

    I am also thinking if I do wear a dress, to wear some nice knit tights underneath it to keep warm.

  10. I love one shoulder dresses!
  11. London's clubs are absolutely crazy - they're so fashion-forward, it's hard to keep up! But in a very good way, of course - you can wear crazy stuff. I've seen the fashionable ones wear tiny dresses with knee high boots and a trench coat to take them from outside to inside, or skinny dark denim with a corset top and heels.

    For your guy, a sharp dark blazer over a vintage "rock 'n' roll" t-shirt with dark denim and proper shoes looks great. Feel free to add some accessories like bracelets or rings and necklaces. Some guys like wearing fedoras or newsboy caps or even trilbys.
  12. When going out here in Paris you can wear whatever you like if it is feminine. I love wearing a casual dress with black tights, high heeled boots and a beautiful handbag. I think that a skinny jean will look great with heels and a silky top, that's what most girls wear.
  13. you can dress with denim , kind of "bobo chic" style is very fashionable right now in the parisian scene, or heroine-cokehead style is also in vogue ^_^ ahaha
  14. Clubs where you need to dress up more : Le Palais M , I Love Opera , Le Cab ( older crowd + 23yo) , Le Baron ( very selective) , L'Etoile , The V.I.P Room....

    There are plenty of clubs in Paris , you will mostly see celebrities in Le Baron , L'Etoile and The V.I.P Room.....
  15. i haven't been to clubs for years now (since i had kids). but when i used to go, i normally leave my coat in the cloakroom. or if my friends and i happen to get a private booth, we'll just leave our coats there. i'd wear my dress and a coat to the club and take my coat off once inside.

    i don't think there's any problem with long sleeve tops if you're comfortable in them, but i find that inside the clubs i've been that the temperature inside is pretty warm (that's why i prefer to wear short/no sleeve dresses or tops).