Night Bracelet?

  1. I Received A "Night Bracelet (I Got The Name From" For One My Birthday Gifts. Unfortunately It's Still Sitting In My Office (In NY)...Hopefully, My Partner Will Have It Sent, In The Next Few Days.

    Anyways....Does Anyone Own One? How Do You Like It? Do You Wear It Secure Around The Wrist Or Looser?

    Anything You Can Add Would Be Great!!!!

    Thank You So Much:heart:

    Here Is The Link (Just In Case):
  2. Happy late birthday, bagluv! Gorgeous bracelet. :smile:
  3. happy belated birthday! Your bracelet looks very pretty. Do you have the orange one? tres tres Hermes.
  4. Gorgeous!!! Congrats! :yahoo: I tried on two different sizes and liked both the looser fitting one as well as the one that fit just right. :yes:
  5. Oh Thank You It Was Surprise From A Dear Friend (Who Knows I Love Hermes, But, Wasn't So Sure What To Buy Me :heart: Her!).

    K_B ~ Thank You! Love Your New Avatar *Dream Bag*

    Yes LTC! It's The Orange ~ Very Sweet!

    CB ~ I Don't Know Which One It Was. I Think It Was The GM Or Med. I
    Definitely Had Some Room.;)
  6. It was your birthday? I´m sorry I missed it, happy birthday!!!

    Gorgeous bracelet, can´t wait for pics!
  7. Oh Nola....You Are So Sweet ~ It's OK ~ It Was Over A Week Ago & Lots Of Fun ~ Thank You So Much!

    I Can't Believe I Forget To Take It Home. I Was In Rush For The Plane.

    I Can't Wait To Get It Now!!!! :yahoo:
  8. bagluv, I've admired this bracelet on the Hermes site for ever so long. It appears simple, yet has so much style.

  9. love it!!!!

  10. Congrats! I love that one. The larger size fits me just right (I have big wrists).
  11. isus ~ My Sweet, Sweet Friend....I Wish I Had Been @ Hermes W/You.....I Know You Know!!!:heart:

    Thank You CB:heart:

    Cynthia ~ That Is So Good To Know. I Always Had Pretty Small Wrists (Why Wasn't That ~ The Rest Of My Body?!!!:p). After My Son, Was Born...I'm Pretty Much The Same As Before (After Four Years!)....My Bracelets & Rings Are All Different ~ Sort Of Like My Shoe Size....Does That Make Sense. I Really Hope The One I Received Fits Correct:yes:
  12. bagluv: Happy Belated Birthday for ya! Enjoy the bracelet :woohoo:.
  13. I like it to fit just right.
  14. Pursenality ~ You Are A Doll!:heart:

    Lilatheflirt ~ Thank you so much...I wish I could wear it loose & tight (I Will Find Out!)....Maybe I Will Need Two!