Night (black) w/ Gold Crackle Bottom MAB or MAM

  1. Does anyone know or have a picture of this purse?
  2. This is the bag I want!

    There is a photo of it on the Purse Blog in the interview Megs and Vlad did with Rebecca Minkoff in the Blog section. I don't have a link to it at the moment but you could find it by searching for the Purse Blog's interview with her. The tall blonde girl is wearing it as I recall correctly. It's a stunning bag. (I think it is Night; it may be the dark blue. but even if so it still is very close.)

    Where are you planning to buy yours from? I'm still looking around. Revolve says they are not getting them in until April as of now.

    Also -- I haven't seen the bag in person yet. I generally get the regular (larger) size Morning After because the mini is too small for me. But I'm wondering if that will be too large a size with the gold accents (too much gold?)

    Must see in person. I am on a mission. When I do, I will tell you what I think.
  3. You mean this one Pussycats???????!!!!!!

  4. *snicker* Can I be a pussycat too?
  5. thank you!!!

    i think im too plain of a person to want the gold bottom. it's really nice though.
  6. It's the plain Jane's that are really "Vixen's" underneath it all.

    C'mon....unleash your inner VIXEN!!!
  7. YOU are the coolest Pussycat of them all! mrrrrrrreow Baby!!!!
  8. you're too funny!
  9. And right too!!! ;)

    It's a gorgeous bag....I've heard that they're going to be more of a Limited Edition bag, so you'll definitely own one-of-a-kind.
  10. Ahhhhh that's it! Thank you! It's beautiful! :smile: I am not sure if that is the black or dark blue but it sure is amazing! PS: Meow! :queen:
  11. Mrrrrrrrrreow Baby!
  12. I'm already afraid to set my bags down on the floor or any other suspect surface, this gold-bottom bag would make me even more paranoid!
  13. Yes!

    It is gorgeous though.....and Limited from what I hear.

    Why is it that when the word "limited Ed" is spoken, it causes the biggest frenzy????!!!

    Does Limited Ed mean better??????
  14. Limited edition!
    Limited edition!
    Limited edition!
    Limited edition!
    Limited edition!
    Limited edition!
    Limited edition!
    Limited edition!
  15. Psst...did you just say Limited Edition????