Night before new job...pre-first day jitters...

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  1. OK ladies and gents, I start my new job tomorrow. I can do this. I need a good night's sleep tonight so I can wow 'em tomorrow. I've done my meet and greets. I know where to go, I've got my outfit ready, I've got my good luck charm (Saleya PM) to accompany me, and the love and support of my BF and family. All I've gotta do is get some zzz's tonight and knock 'em dead!

    But hoo boy I'm a little nervous...any tips on how to get over the jitters starting a new job (wireless industry?) :wlae:
  2. Oh Pursegrrl, I want to wish you the best tomorrow! Well when I get nervous I just pray, and think positive! i usually end up going to sleep late, and wake up super early. Even if I am half asleep, just the thought of starting something new wakes me up! I wish you good luck tomorrow! Go knock them dead girl! I am going to start job-hunting soon too!
  3. Good luck, play nice and all the boys and girls will like you ;)
  4. No tips, I'm afraid, just wanted to wish you all the best - I'm sure you'll be fine! :flowers:
  5. Congratulations~~ don't forget a killer smile will go a long way~~
  6. Good luck!!

    Eat a good breakfast:smile:
  7. Good luck! I hope it goes as well as you'd like it to!
  8. Good Luck!!!
  9. gooood luck- let us know how ti went
  10. Blessings for a great first day!!!:heart:
  11. I hope you have a brilliant first day! Let us know how you got on :smile:
  12. good luck my general first day advice is keep your eyes and ears open
  13. Best of luck today, I am sure you will be know your stuff!!

    But it sure does feel like the first day of kindergarten all over again, doesn't it? No matter how many "first days" you have in life, you still get those butterflies.

    Hang in there, ask questions and get to know people, and then come home tonight and treat yourself to a relaxing evening.....knowing that first day is over!

    Be sure to tell us how it went!
  14. Good can do it! :flowers:
  15. I can never sleep the night before stuff like that... the night before classes began.. the night before my new job.... needless to say I was friggin' exhausted by the time 5pm rolled around