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  1. OK gals and guys....Grab your kids and go see this movie.I took my ten yr old tonight and it was FREAKIN HYSTERICAL...We laughed so hard in this movie!!!
    Everyone in the theater was rolling in laughter- I SWEAR!
  2. I like your doggies!!!
  3. yeah I wanna see this movie too! Looks so funny.
  4. OH..and when you think the movie is over..DONT LEAVE..they roll funny clips during all the credits!
  5. I LOVE Ben Stiller! He's comedic genius, IMO.
  6. oooooh, can't wait! I want to see it at the IMAX in 3d with my little ones. LOVE LOVE LOVE Ben Stiller and Owen WIlson!
    Thank you for mentioning it is funny- now I REALLY have to see it!
  7. Jill I really want to see this movie!!! Looks hilarious and I love Ben Stiller!!!
  8. My nephew, and niece want me to take them to see it. Maybe I should since you said it is really funny!
  9. Its hilarious!!
  10. I'm going tomorrow can't wait!! I've been waiting for it for months
  11. Based totally upon your recommendation, DH and I went to see this movie tonight. I had just read a bad review about it but decided to go with your suggestion instead. We loved it! We laughed through the whole movie.
  12. I saw it this afternoon... I had a good laugh.
  13. i really2 want to see this movie! ben stiller is hillarious and def. my fave comedian...
  14. haha that movie was so funny. My favorite line of the film: "Hey dum dum you got some gum gum?!" LOL!
  15. ^ROFLMAO! I know-I loved that line too!!!!
    We got home later after the movies..I looked at PHH and said.."DUM DUM ..we want some Din DIN"..As in -go get takeout..ROFL..He wasnt laughing as much as I was..hee.hee