nigerian scam


Jul 12, 2006
I have been selling and buying on ebay for a few years now. so recently i had a ring listed and had a buyer. normally i dont sell outside the u.s., but he was in the u.k and willing to pay with paypal , and it was to be shipped usps global priorty. today i get a email asking to send it to nigera for his girlfriend so he can propose. i dont want to go thru with the transaction,due to nigerian scams. any suggestions on this? thanx:shame:


Purses are my Passion
Oct 31, 2005
Cancel it. The postal service watches everything that goes to Nigeria. Report to Ebay that the address is not the original one. You don't even know if it is the buyer. Only use confirmed addresses. Unfortunately Nigeria has way too many scams coming out from the country. He may be legit, but I wouldn't get involved.