Nieman Marcus in King of Prussia - Vif city

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I just got back from this store and here is what I remember they had:

    City : rouge Vif, sapin, black
    Day : blue roi, sapin
    first : blue roi
    work: sapin
    courier: rouge vif, truffel, emerald
    oval clutch: grey
    twiggy: grey
    the new padded bags: both black and brown
  2. Oval clutch in grey or greige?
    Why i live in Italy?
    I've called many boutiques here but it is not available.
  3. It's the new color ... greige. It looks like the color of cement.
  4. Do you remember retail price? Is it 695$?
  5. Yes, that sounds right.
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