Nieman Chloe sale

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  1. Hi all! I'm new to TPF and have been reading all the threads for a few weeks, and greatly enjoying it! I love all kinds of bags and recently purchased the large Edith Chloe and a Be and D bag from Bergdorf and them! :yahoo:

    Just wanted to let you girls know that I looked at Niemans tonight and typed Chloe Betsy in the search sale section and a good number of Chloes came up on sale....a few of these bags have not been showing up when you click on the handbag sale. Thought it might be of interest to somebody!

    Happy New Years!!!:drinks:

  2. thanks! there's a lot of chloe bags on sale...
  3. Yeah I am loving that Betty Hobo - wish I lived in the states! Go get them everyone
  4. Does anyone know if Neiman's will have another mark down or is this the final one?????? I'm trying to hold out for the best deal without missing out:shame:
  5. Haven't been to NM lately, trying to stay away since the 1st markdown, that one did some major damage to my cc............however, I believe there are 3 markdowns, I have a great SA who usually calls me and lets me know when each one happens (presales). I got a MJ Venetia for $400 last year, and I think that was on the 3rd markdown. The problem is there isn't always a lot left by the third markdown. If you work with a good SA. she will do a presale as soon as it is announced, so let her know what you are interested in. Online can be a gamble, since we never know what will be left. There are some great deals by the 3rd markdown. You, or your SA can also call around to different NM to locate the bag you are looking for.
  6. any guesses when there will be another markdown? my CCs are beyond shot from the holiday.
  7. Thats what i'm afraid of:hysteric: there not being any good bags left. How do you hook up with an SA? I usually just order online.
    Thanks for the help llson:smile: !!!!!
  8. You can look up the store numbers at Neiman Marcus website, and make a few calls. I do have a SA at the store I frequent most, however, I find when I call the other stores, most of the SA's are helpful, especially if you tell them a designer you're looking for. Sometimes I just ask if they have anything 'wonderful' on the clearance tables. Also, each NM will carry various designers, not all the same. I bought a YSL RG on sale at one, and another told me they did not carry that designer, so it pays to make a few phone calls. Also, most of the stores have 800#'s.:smile: