Nic's Sticks - has anyone tried them??

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  1. That looks so neat! If I see it next time at the store, I'm going to pick one up. :smile:
  2. Thanks for starting this thread, I am really curious about these too! They seem like they would be really terrific for travel and / or touch ups.
  3. I've never seen them, but it looks like something I'd consider buying.
  4. My sisters had these in the 80's (different brand, but same exact product)! I always thought they were sooooo cool-- I can't wait to try these!!!!!!! :tup:
  5. Seems like the perfect idea.:idea:
  6. I tried the sally hansen version of these the other day and was super disappointed I hope the OPI ones are better.
  7. It looks really cool, but I feel like the polish might come out streaky or dry weird. How much do they cost? I might try one.. or wiat for someone here to review it! hehe
  8. It might come out streaky if not enough polish is squeezed out. If anyone gets it please come back & tell us how you like it :smile:
  9. I by chance saw these today at walmart and picked up where's my chocolate and indigo-go-go. I tried where's my chocolate and from the packaging thought it was more of a brown than a red. It came on like more of a dark burgandy. I didnt pump enough so the first coat came out streaky. The brush is a little fatter than I would like, so I had a bit to clean afterwards. Aside from that, it felt fun to apply and dried super fast. I think it may just need some time for me to adjust, but all-in-all, I'd buy more colors.
  10. I haven't been able to find them yet :sad:
  11. could be really good or really bad... has anyone tried them?? please post what you thought of them...

    thanks x
  12. sounds quite cool!
    my only problem with these, is after I haven't used a certain nail polish in a while I mix in some nail polish remover to think it out a bit, and get rid of the clumps. that would be impossible with the Nic's Sticks...

    Still, I think I'd definitely give it a try!! :tup:
  13. I'd love to try them. I'll remember this on my next shopping spree in TX!
  14. Nic's Sticks ARE super convient to toss in your purse for touch-ups, but the polish comes out on the brush messy and the finish is streaky. Shame b.c it SHOULD have been a GREAT product, since it carrys the OPI name. Avon came out with a similar product back in the '80's and it was FAR superior. Their polish pen had a sponge tip and the polish didn't come out messy at all.