Nicoli handbags -- are you familiar with the brand?

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  1. Hi there all purse lovers!

    I've seen this cute variation on the Hermes/Mulberry style (modern hip touch added with the hardware and patches with delicate studs) by Nicoli on Forzieri and I was wondering if you have any experience with Nicoli handbags. Are they quality leather? How about stiching, lining and overall sturdiness? Not to mention their general purse-appeal!

    Please let me know as I'm considering a purchase :idea:

    Nicoli bag front.jpg

    Nicoli bag on shoulder.jpg

    Nicoli bag open.jpg

    Nicoli bag side.jpg
  2. I just read your post and hopped over to check them out--I like them! I've never seen IRL, but imagine that they would be pretty good bags.
  3. I have a good experience shopping @ Forzieri -- so far I've been happy with my bags and jewerly. But perhaps a couple of Purse Forum gals actually own something by Nicoli

    I think they're a good price and look nice too:yes:
  4. never heard of 'em.
  5. love that bag! Very stylish! Not familiar with the brand though.
  6. I've never heard of this brand but this looks like a great work bag. If you can't get further input, I say just go for it and get it (assuming there's a good return policy)!

  7. 60 days -- so it is good return policy. I thought about if for work. Well, I guess I'll be the first on the forum to test'em out those Nicoli bags ;)

    Thanks for all your input Ladies!