Nicolette Sheridan Looking Anything But "Desperate"

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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Those are my sunnies! LOL!
    She has a fantastic figure, but I think she looks a *wee* bit desperate!
  3. I guess she really wants to stick out from a crowd.:shrugs:
  4. don't like her dress, but has she a great figure
  5. It's one of those not quite a shirt not quite a dress things... paired with shorts.

    Well, if you got it flaunt it I guess. But I've seen her flaunting it better before :smile:
  6. She is HOT! Love her body, love her outfit :love: And her sunglasses is to die for!
  7. She's got a great figure! But I really don't like the boots with that outfit... *_*
  8. Me either. Love the sunnies though.
  9. What sunnies model are her Chanels? Gorgeous!!
  10. ^ chanel 5076 $325.00 (last i checked)

    I love them. I have 2 black pairs incase I happen to loose one LMFAO.
  11. She has a great figure but I think the dress may be a bit "young" for her. However, I wouldn't complain if I looked like that ;)
    I really like her boots but not paired with that dress though.
  12. I love those sunnies.. but yeah, I'm not too sure about the dress (it mildly screams desperate !)
  13. PS Thanks for posting all the celeb pics, Prada. You're the best!!
  14. I've got those sunnies in brown! Okay, love the boots. BUT - am I the only one here who thinks she looks like she's out shopping JUST to get her picture taken? I think she's absolutely "working it" for the cameras. Look at her face and the way she's standing in the first two pictures. She's knows she's being photographed and she's playing up to it.

    I agree with Swanky, she looks desparate to me too. Not saying she doesn't look good. Just a little desparate for attention, maybe.
  15. Ha. Everybody in the backgound has a camera/vid camera out.