Nicole's Yellow Bag

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  1. Not sure if this has been posted before...but here's Nicole with a yellow bag. Is it a YSL Muse? Did they ever come in yellow?? :shrugs: Love the contrast between the blue dress and the yellow bag though! :tender:
    CP60150706A_11.jpg 001sm8.jpg
  2. It's a YSL bag, but its called the "Yse." The Muse has the distinctive "Y"-shaped section of leather on the front, and the lock on the front. The Yse has diagonal stitching on the front (in the upper corners), and the lock on the side. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any yellow Yse's around.

    Check out the pics on the Neiman's web site...


  3. Just remember, with Nicole, she's been seen carrying fakes before so maybe this is one of them.
    I've never seen an authentic yellow one but who knows.
  4. I love the combo of the yellow of the bag with the turquoise colour dress. You would not really expect them to work together, buts its a nice look :smile:
  5. Yeah, we talked about this a couple of month's ago. It's the Yse and it came in yellow. Nicole's is not fake. It came in yellow and a yellow-green. I ordered the yellow (or so I thought) and I got the yellow-green :*(.
  6. well where can i get the yellow there aren't any anywhere
  7. Why would Nicole Richie carry a fake bag? Just curioius!
  8. I hope to think she doesn't know a couple of her bbags are fakes (her white and mustard classiques). Maybe her stylist who probably gave her the bag doesn't know how to tell either lol!
  9. thought she has got enough money for the real ones... :sad:
  10. her b-bags aren't fake why do you all think they are fake...get yoru facts straight..they are the origianl colors from like 2-3 years ago!
  11. and p.s. the yellow yse bag isn't fake i saw it in the store and didnt' buy it and now they are all sold out cause they were put on sale months ago..i'm so bummed i didn't buy it