Nicole's Wedding News

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    Paris Hilton and BFF Nicole Richie spent much of yesterday wrapping up shooting the last episode of 'The Simple Life 5', their snoozer of a reality show for the E! network.

    The latest dirt on Nicole is the lightweight actress was rumoured to be just a nanosecond away from getting married at the legendary Las Vegas landmark, the Little White Chapel on the Strip, to Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden.

    Nicole and her man supposedly picked out matching silver and diamond rings at a shop at Caesar's Palace, headed to the Little White Chapel, but could not bring themselves to do the deed. It is also not clear whether they had ever gone to get the marriage license.

    Why? Nicole wanted her dad, Lionel Richie, to sing at her wedding. Or walk her down the aisle. Or at least give his blessings. So they decided to go to Lionel and ask him for Nicole's hand. He was happy to hand her over (sorry, that's mean). Let's just say he approved. Nicole certainly has been healthier since Joel's been in her life.

  2. WHATTTTT?????
    is this some kind of a joke?
  3. awww really...........:wtf:
  4. that v-necked white dress is TDf!
  5. Is she really getting married??? Prada tell us more please!
  6. How do you post something yourself with like YOUr own question?

  7. I posted the full article via faded youth. So thats all the information they have so far.
  8. seriously??
  9. Whoa :O reaalllly?
  10. Cute white dress! I really hope she doesn't marry him.
  11. Oh please... come July she is single again. I doubt she will get married, and even if she does, she'll divorce in a split second.
  12. hum... just can't believe it is true love :shrugs:
  13. they seem like such a werid couple. I liked with better with duff.
  14. How long have they been dating? I guess I haven't kept up...last I knew she was dating Brody...or am I getting her mixed up w/someone else?
  15. She does look a lot better and happier since she got with Joel so who knows?