Nicole's Shoes ********!!!!!!!!

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  1. Okay, :drool:i really need these shoes Nicole Richie is wearing. Please Help!!!!

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  2. They are Givenchy... but I think they were from last season.
  3. oh my god !! I love you guys so much but those are not it either..take a closer look!! I will definitely get these if I cant find the exact ones!

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  4. oops I can't make it any larger.. heres the link!!...
  5. shopbop is having a code right now, might be the time to get them
  6. Might be D&G Peep toe booties
  7. I like those!
  8. oh my god!!! You guys are really great . Thanks !!!!
  9. Ok, has anyone see the movie "In her shoes"? Cameron Diaz wears something similar to these in the movie and I have always wanted them. does anyone recall?
  10. They are electric blue in the Diaz movie, right? Those are Edwardo Lucero... can't find them anymore. BTW Miu Miu has a pair very similar to the Diaz ones... but they come in pink or distressed black leather. You can only find them at the Miu Miu store in NYC
  11. Yes, they're def Balenciaga booties :yes:

  12. shouldve guessed balenciaga! she is bbag queen