Nicole's Poor Cat Falls Out Of A 10 Story Building**UPDATE**

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  1. Nicole Richie rushed to the hospital yesterday -- the animal hospital! The skinny one's friend said Nicole's cat fell from a 10th story balcony! Nicole is having a serious streak of bad luck ... our photogs said she was screaming and crying ...

    Our heart goes out to Nicole Richie, who took her cat to the Animal Hospital after a scary ten-story spill from this building Monday night.
    NRichie103006_1cat2.jpg NRichie103006_3cat.jpg NRICHIECATFALL103006_01.jpg NRICHIECATFALL103006_03.jpg NRICHIECATFALL103006_4.jpg
  2. :confused1:
  3. Any news on how the kitty is doing?
  4. Oh no! That's horrible. I hope the cat is alright.:sad:
  5. Poor kitty! I hope he's all right! :sad:
  6. Oh my goodness..I hope her cat is alright.

    Long time ago my cat fell from 3rd story building, apparantly my silly cat jumped on top of a small rug that was put to dry on the balcony and fell with the rug. Thank goodness he was alright, I didn't even take him to the hospital. The guard in the apartment actually the one who came up to bring my cat back and at that time I didn't know that my cat was missing.:yes:

    But the 10 th story building is a long way going down..:Push:
  7. Hope the kitty's fine. She probably still has her remaining 8 lives! :yes: I bet the kitty just decided to jump out of desperation because Nicole was denying her food as well! :whistle:
  8. Wow. 9 lives? I guess not. Quite a shame.
  9. I hope the cat had 9 lives!!
  10. 10 storey? That could definitely kill a cat.

    I'm hoping the kitty's okay. I love cats!
  11. Poor kitty :sad:
  12. My vet here in Hong Kong told me that this is fairly common here as so many people live in tall buildings, and also said that the animals have a better chance of being OK...if the fall is from a greater distance:confused1: :confused1: they have time to spread out and land. I don't know about that....but have decided to always keep ALL windows closed!!!
  13. Oh no poor Nicole and her cat! I hope it is alright.
  14. Where are you from in HK? :P
  15. I read the same thing in a cat-care book. But according to the same book, if the height exceeds 6 storeys then the animal has a very small chance of survival:sad: