Nicole's pics of tomato and steel!!!!

  1. Here are some pictures from PFer Nicole!!! I just resized them for her and posted!!! Enjoy!!!



    steelcity.jpg.JPG tomatoday.jpg.jpg tomatogiantsilvercity.jpg.JPG
  2. Hey Z!! Wow, the color looks so different on those reds. Eeeenteresting!
  3. wow, the red on the day and the city with SGH look so different? lighting i hope?
  4. Wow... love them all. The 2 reds looks so different
  5. I just posted this question in ICB's thread~

    Is it me or is there a difference in the color when you see it with the GH and then see it with the reg hardware? I noticed this with aqua~ the reg hardware bags were definitely a different color then the aqua with GH.

    So~ I am pretty much convinced that for some reason the bags with GH are different shades then the same color bag in the reg hardware!!! The tomato shows to be different shades here for sure!!!
  6. Thanks Nicole and Zacorey! I'm DYING to see how the Tomato stacks up against '04 True Red!! It looks promising in the darker photo!:drool:
  7. Wow, the red w/ silver GH looks amazing. That's more like what I was expecting tomato to look like.
  8. Zacorey, ITA! The bags with the GH look different. I have noticed that with Anthractie, French Blue, and Aqua. Perhaps the reds will also look different too.

    Also, that steel city looks a lot like anthracite, no?
  9. Thanks, Zacorey, for posting Nicole's pics! The bags are gorgeous. I am loving the darker red on the SGH bag.
  10. Its not a matter of hardware, its just a factory inconsistancy, happens with all designers, I have seen the tomato w/ sgh and its wayyyy brighter than that one, I'm sure they TRY to make the bags as consistant as possible, maybe doesn't always work out, haha.
  11. I love that steel color! Plus the Tomato with silver looks great!
  12. OMG!!! Check out these beautiful STEEL bags from Nicole!!!!:heart::love::heart: This color is GORGEOUS!!!!:heart:


    steelday.jpg.jpg steelgiantsilverday.jpg.jpg
  13. Thanks for posting! Very pretty, the leather on the steel is so nice!

    I am still going to follow through with a part time in steel with SGH, accompanied by a tomato coin purse for fall. The red looks so vibrant in the day, but so much more blue toned in the city with gh, so interesting!?!
  14. Yummy!!!!
  15. [​IMG]

    YES! YES! YES! THIS is the color Tomato with SH I've been drooling over. I love this!