Nicole's New Look: What Do You Think ?

  1. Do you like the red or miss the blonde?

  2. i prefer the bob. its sleeker
  3. I prefer the bob over this style. Looks a little Mary-Kateish to me. She's still a cutie!
  4. The bob did look sleeker.
    But her hair does look in better condition now.
  5. Here she is @ Her B-day Party

  6. I wonder if she ate the cake.
  7. Blonde!! and without the red lipstick too.
  8. sheesh, thaty's a serious amount of makeup! and I prefered the blonde hair
  9. I liked the blond bob from last year - she looked amazing then. I used to love her and her style, but she's totally falling apart. I feel badly for her. And that red lipstick does NOT work for her at all.
  10. The Bob was better. Very classy.
  11. Oh god I dont like that look at all. Her face looks older!
  12. Is the red hair pic recent???

    looks like Paris in the background...are they friends again or this for their show?

    She's still looking bad, BTW.
  13. She looks horrible in that picture. From the bad extensions to the red lipstick. I think she would look great with dark hair.
  14. I like her blonde with the bob
  15. Blond bob.

    Is it just me or is she looking more and more like Rachel Zoe (her stylist) everyday? They both are super skinny, look older than their age, and now have the same haircut! :wtf: