Nicole's new Blue Roi B-Bag?

  1. Saw this pic of Nicle Ritichie and a blue b-bag. Might be blue roi first? Hmmm.... not sure. It's suppose to be a fairly recent pic...


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  2. Nice dress, nice hair... lovely bbag color! Is she still going out with him? haha.. Looks like a twiggy to me...
  3. I think this picture is in the "celebs with b-bags" thread and I think they said it was indigo, but I'm not is a gorgeous bag though!
  4. i was thinking indigo twiggy. its so pretty and worn in! yum!
  5. Hi Murasaki, I've seen the blue roi in real life and it is definitely different. Think of the ink of a classic blue point pen. A little bit deeper blue that his in the pic!
  6. i want all of Nicoles B-bags.... hehehehe!!! 0o0o0o b-bags....
  7. me too:P
  8. Nicole has an indigo first in her arms, so sad that I know this.
  9. its not a teal??
  10. The girl or the purse? (*****y ... party of one!) Sorry, I could not help myself.

    I wish you well,

  11. ^^hehehe
  12. the teal has more green to it
  13. i saw the blue roi (i believe) at my local holt renfrew yesterday! it is such a beautiful colour, a deep blueberry. i'm starting to fall in love it with. it is so close to the indigo colour. maybe not as glimmery, if that's the right word, but it is divine! i really want a first in blue roi. and the new leather, it's nothing like the veiny, crackly finish from spring!!!
  14. yeah, that's her indigo classique
  15. I like the fact that Nicole uses her Bbags more then once, unlike Lindsey. I never see her with any of her Bbags more then once. I wish she would just give them to me.