Nicoles Leather jacket!!!!

  1. Ok i was never a big fan of leather jackets but this one takes the cake!!! i LOVE IT! Does anyone know who made it?? Where I can get it? Or something similar to it?? Thank ya
    normal_032.jpg normal_009.jpg chanelsunglassesmain4.jpg normal_006.jpg
  2. It looks like a Mike & Chris jacket, I have one with a hood and longer sleeves.

    Try or google Mike & Chris Jackets...

    They are really cute, but expensive.
  3. i dont think that its mike and chris because look at the zipper part its circled...
  4. I love the jacket too... hm.
  5. Gorgeous jacket.... that's all I got.. sorry!
  6. Have you checked out Madison Marcus? They make a few cute cropped styles, I didn't see the exact style Nicole is wearing but there are a few on this site that you might like:
  7. i agree, although the style does look similar to a mike & chris jacket.
  8. who sells Trovata