Nicole's FAKE Balenciaga....

  1. hmmmm seems like shes carrying a fake first....

    someone correct me if i am wrong but look at those square bales....

  2. That makes no sense to me...why on earth would she do that??
  3. :blink:
  4. she has a fake white one, too. my guess is that these girls just have no clue about fakes or how to tell if it's the real thing, and they most likely don't care.
  5. but today i touched a fake one (my friend had one she bought in china) and the leather is SOOOOO coarse and very obviously was hard, not smooshy, like cardboard. how could she not know?!
  6. ew lol....fake white too? there no excuse for that...white is a repeated color!
  7. Oh Nicole, why !!
  8. Maybe Nicole shops at Bluefly!:lol:
  9. hahahha bluefly....
  10. i bet that is what happened! and it was probably her stylist or somebody more frugal than she is!
  11. Bluefly sells fakes? I am sorry but I am not familiar with that site...
  12. hmmm... is it the angle?
  13. no its not the angle...there was some other pics too...same square bales....
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. ironic since she's holding an Hermes bag in her other hand!!
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