nicole's bracelet. help a girl out?

  1. i love that bracelet nicole's been wrapping around her wrist lately, it's black leather going through a silver chain.

    does anyone know where i can buy one or similar?

  2. nicole.jpg
  3. yes!

    though i think she wears it in black and and a bit thicker if i'm not mistaken...

    whatnks deedee!
  4. You can buy some of the bracelets she wears at
    and they are the CC Skye ones. *nods
  5. I found these on too
  6. I have a thinner version in white. The thick one was too thick for me. I love my bracelet, but the gold plating is starting to wear off and my skin is a little allergic to the metal. I still wear it though.
  7. luna!

    nice bag!
  8. thanks guys!

    cc skye, it is!
  9. bracelets.jpg ccsky.jpg
  10. I ordered these a while ago but was not impressed with the quality at all and ended up sending them back. Just a heads up!
  11. hehe, thanks, Bbones. :smile:
  12. may i ask what bag is in your avatar ? I'd appericate the name and style ;)
  13. yes, yes, me too!

  14. ooooh, how was the quality off?

    and how much are these things, anyways?
  15. They are $200.00 a pop. I bought the black and white a while back but was disappointed with them, not exactly what I expected. Now they just sit in my jewelry box.:flowers: