Nicole's Balenciaga?

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  1. Is that a balenciaga on Nicole's table? She must own a city in every color.

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  2. Yes and yes she does lol :nuts: I love her yellow first and the magenta city. But she has like 10-12 of them in every color of the rainbow. Lucky girl, hope she has 'em insured!!! I would love to raid her handbag closet any day.

  3. oooooh! is that the ink city? I love the color!
  4. Yup I think it is. Beautiful!
  5. Actually I think it is the indigo color. She has an indigo classique.
  6. She's got 'em all! Here she is with a few others. Notice the giant one in the third pic. :love:

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  7. Is the middle one a First?
  8. it looks just like the pewter first that I bought from amanda that will be in the mail today or tomorrow. I can't wait amanda. Your loss, you can't have it back.
  9. UHH HUH!!! that's what i say. i have that bag, bought it last august, and i still love it to this day. it is one of my favourites.
  10. Here she is with a magenta city
    Cheers, Carolyn
  11. I had a pewter first and sold it. Totally regret it! I have it in the day hobo now, but would happily trade it for the pewter city, anyone?
    Cheers, Carolyn
  12. i totally love her b-bags!!! :smile:
  13. I just can't understand why her straps are so long. I know the one on her white city is long too! Do you think she special orders the strap? I know she's short (I am too), but my city doesn't hang that low. Maybe I'm crazy...:nuts:
  14. I was thinking the exact same thing. I thought I was crazy too:lol:
  15. Is that Paris sitting behind her? What are they doing sitting apart? Are they that bored that they're text messaging each other within one table??!! :lol:

    I love Nicole's and Nicky Hilton's B-bags!!