Nicole's bag ~ is it new cotton club?

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  1. I just took this pic from the Celebrity thread. What is it?

  2. No, that looks like a vintage bag.
  3. I guess you're right ~ the straps are really long. I love that look.
  4. I agree w/ Mon for that reason too Lu - long straps.
  5. I saw this picture earlier this week and was wondering as well. Thanks Mon!
  6. to the best of my knowlegde it's a vintage... i saw her in person w/ a while back, and noticed the long stappy things too :]

    it's odd, from pics and IRL i've seen her w/ a few chanels, but they've all been vintage ones... so i guess she really loves her vintage pieces!!
  7. I've never seen that before so I guess vintage too.
  8. very nice. i like the long straps too.