1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]While most celebs were primping and preening for last night's Screen Actors Guild Awards, troubled celebutante Nicole Richie hit up a West Hollywood tattoo parlour
    As for reality star's recent hair change back to blonde, perhaps this will explain everything: Nicole was (believe it or not) contractually obligated to be blonde for taping of the 'The Simple Life 5,' which begins shooting in February.
  2. what's with her no-make up look? Her outfit looks lovely though.
  3. Wow her wrist is a twig. I like her better with dark hair. The blonde makes her look washed out.
  4. i thought she already gain weight?
    howcome her wrist still looks bony? :s
  5. hmm, i wonder if she's getting a new tattoo... i wanna see!!
  6. I want to see what she's getting too!
  7. Aww I loved her dark hair, ah well hope she's enjoying the change :smile:
  8. Yay!!! New tattoo!!! :yahoo:
  9. Her hand is scary looking.
  10. I preffer her blonde. soooo sexy.
  11. I love the Goyard bag and the Powerbook.
  12. her hands do look horrible
  13. when you start to regain health from being malnutritioned any weight you gain will be added in distinct areas such as your face and stomach.. once her body gets used to a more normal amount of calories and feels like it can finally step out of 'starvation mode' she will start looking more healthy all around and the padding will spread out...

    Hope that makes some sense. She's obviously doing a lot better, and i hope that she keeps it up.
  14. mmmm hope she is doing better hands are definitely scary!
  15. You gotta love that bag!